Monday, February 16, 2009

The Birth Of a Child and Love Of a Mother

Hello and how are all of my great friends ?
Fisherman wants to welcome you here with him.

To-day I want to talk about some beautiful things that have happened to me since joining the world of internet just 12 months ago. You may have read some of my very first blog posts that are now archived & I explained there how I struggled to learn the computer. Well I am glad to say that through a few beautiful friends efforts and my commitment I am better now then I was back then , and mind you I have in no way finished learning. What I have done though is managed to uncover the true power of the internet through affiliate marketing and am now in fullon mode building an internet business under the direct coaching and supervision of one of Australia's outstanding and successful internet coaching teams..

Well I would say that was my first beautiful thing that happened to me in the last 12 months.

Moving on I must say there have been numerous events that have happened for me and my lovely wife Sandra for which I will be forever grateful, I will only touch on a few of the most signifficant ones here. I then was fortunate enough to enter into a group of internet marketers that were hand picked from Australia and England by none other than one of Australia's most successful internet marketers Mr. Sean Rasmussen and his beautiful wife Cherie. We are now personal friends of theirs as well as the other 22 students and their families from all over , more about this great and influential group another day and another post in the near future.

I have become intensely involved on the internet also with social natworking and have set up my own personal social networking site where people can join and mix with other like minded and positive thinking folks. This site has been a godsend for me and at first I had no idea what I was doing, now our members are nearing 100 and they have all become personal friends of mine through regular contact on this site.

Feel free to join me here on this site as you too can meet so many wonderful people from around the world ...

A lot of people who now know me on a personal basis, know just how passionate I am about Children, good friends & nature. Well I have saved this little treat for you all until the end it is special to my heart and the person it is about.
About 9 months ago , I became good friends with a lovely young woman on the internet at this forum
And once again feel free to check this forum out it is full of wonderful people.

This young womans name is Viki and on the forum they know her as goodthingscome
now I want to let you know she has had to do the IVF program to have children and for an eternity was broken hearted on many occasions with failure after failure to become pregnant. Now with a never say die attitude a lot of practice and persistance, she was rewarded with her first child a little son she named Andrew.
Can you imagine how excited Viki & Shane were, I want to now share with you a poem that Viki had written prior to knowing she was getting little Andrew. This is the power of manifestation at it's best which Viki , Shane & I all believe in
By Vittoria McDonald

Our child
by: Vittoria McDonald a dear friend of Fisherman.

To my special little child, The day has finally come. When
you ask those wonderful questions Of how you became our son.
You see your story is quite different, But very much the
same. It happened the way most things do, Born from love
heartache and pain. Unable to have you the way others do, We
tried and tried and found our way. It cost lots of money
sweat and tears We cried and cried for what felt like years.
But our day of mourning has finally past. Celebrations are
here, our day at last. So here's to you our pride and joy,
And to the world of IVF who gave us our boy.

This is Andrew, he is a little champion and thank you Viki & Shane for a job well done. Oh !! now wait this is the most exciting part, I spoke with Viki yesterday and she has informed me success has come yet once again. Andrew is going to get a little brother in 4 weeks time....HOW COOL IS THAT... Below is an ultrasound of the soon to be born little brother for Andrew...taken at 33wks.. Just love it !!!

Well my friends these are just some beautiful things I am sharing and I would love to do a follow up with Viki once the big event has passed. Thank you all for reading my post it is special to me and if you have enjoyed it share it with others and show appreciation with a digg. is good..... and gratitude & belief will deliver all

Allen Sentance

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

During this horror of the Victorian Fires

We are all aware by now of the devastating bushfires in Victoria Australia, so many have been effected and I came accross an anonymos email that I would like to share.

Hello everyone,
During this horror of the Victorian Fires, I'm just wondering if everyone can include call centre agents/telephone operators in their prayers, please? During my shift today, every agent handled calls from distraught people searching desperately for loved ones, friends and employees. Some callers had already lost folk and were now frantically looking for others. For many callers, we were the only number that would answer.

Our training doesn't cover how to handle grief stricken people, many sobbing, and our agents were affected deeply by stories they heard first-hand. Naturally, the emergency services of police, ambulance, fire brigades, hospitals, OOO, SES and Red Cross hot-lines were totally overwhelmed with callers and many people had been trying for hours to ring but had been unable to get through. They then turned to us, at 1234, as they knew they would be answered by a human who they could talk to and hopefully get some answers from.

One agent received a call from a woman saying she was in a house surrounded by fire, with no way out and what should she do? Whilst the agent was talking with her, the line went dead. That agent will forever be wondering what happened to that poor woman, as we all will. I took a call from a woman who's daughter, who lived at Kinglake, had sent her a text message, late yesterday, saying, "The house is going" followed shortly by another that simply said, "Pray for me".

She had been unable to contact her daughter, or heard from her, since. I had another call from a young man, who was holidaying in NSW but lived at Maryville, and was trying to be brave and not sound too concerned that he was unable to raise anyone at home or his boss. He kept trying to convince himself that his boss would answer his mobile phone later as the boss never went anywhere without his phone.

He just couldn't accept that, maybe, some of those he was calling would never answer the phone again. He wouldn't take any number to call but, in the end, he let me sms some hotline numbers through to his mobile, which he could ring later, when he was more able to cope with the reality of the situation. We were being asked for directions from people trying to get away from the area, but were being confronted by blocked roads and wanting to know which road to take to get around it.

We had no idea which roads were blocked, or even where the fires were actually burning, so could ony hope and pray we were sending them on a safe path and not straight at one of the fire zones. I had a young girl, who decided she had to go home to Kinglake, just to make sure her family and everything were alright.

I gave her the directions and tried to convince her to stay in Melbourne, but she was determined she had to see for herself. I can only hope she was turned around at a roadblock and never entered the danger zone. We had calls from people, frantically trying to access water from their tanks but were unable to, as the powerlines had gone and their pumps wouldn't work. So many are so unprepared.

We handled calls like these all day, knowing those coming on to replace us, would be confronted by the same, for their entire shift and most of us have to go back tomorrow to cope with it again. Many of our agents are young and, therefore, have very few life skills learnt from experience so have absolutely no idea how to cope with grief/distress, especially others'.
I guess, I'm a little more prepared than most, for this type of situation as I completed the Lifeline Telephone Counsellors Course in 2001 and worked 2 x 5 hour shifts a week for almost 2 years, on a volunteer basis, so I coped much better than most, and was able to give very limited assistance to other agents. That doesn't mean I'm not deeply affected by handling these calls. Many tears were shed in our centre today, mine among them, with many more to come.

Our stories are probably nothing compared to those heard by the emergency services but we're still here, coping as best we can, and will continue to be. We don't just take a call, then wander off for coffee. One call ends and the next drops in straight away, with it's own new challenges. I take an average of just over 400 calls per shift. On a day like today, when over 3/4 of our calls were regarding the fire zones, that is alot of others' grief and distress to cope with. Please keep us, the thousands of call centre agents and telephone operators, in your thoughts and prayers.

Such a sad day and as declared , it is the worst natural disaster in Australian history.

You can help by making a donation at the Red Cross Appeal .... Link Below....

Also there has been a Facebook Group created where you can join up and share your comments and feelings with your friends and give support to the Victims.

This is the link...

Thank You all so very much

Allen Sentance

Monday, February 9, 2009

Allen Sentance FISHERMAN

I am about to go bowling (TEN PIN ) with some wonderful friends

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