Friday, November 6, 2009

Tribute To SENO My Brother

Hello to all my readers, today I want to share a brief cross section, of my brother Ian (SENO) Sentance. I share this with you all as a Tribute to SENO My Brother as he was tragically taken from us on 28-10-09 in a house fire. He is to be buried today Friday 6-11-09 .
18-2-1961 - 28-10-2009
Ian Sentance- aka- SENO
Tribute To SENO

Last week SENO was asleep in his unit when it caught fire , the firebrigade arrived to find SENO was inside and even though they managed to get him outside, it was just far too late as he had been overcome by the smoke and passed away from smoke inhalation . He was not physically burned any where, and I was told he would not have suffered and looked just like he was asleep and comfortable when my sisters identified him at the hospital.

This is my way of expressing my love for him ,and how I will miss him. I am 10 years old than him , yet we got on as great mates, and had some wonderful times over the years with SENO.
Working with me on many occasions, we also have done some crazy things together and got away with them , many of them were life threatening antics of fun at the time. The difference being that SENO's crazy fun things usually came back to bite him .

He was a very carefree lad who only lived for today and took life as it unfolded before him , he loved life ,people,fun and only ever hurt himself as a result of some of his errors of judgment, and yes he did have quite a few of those. The special and precious love and understanding that my mother and SENO had was unique and needed to be witnessed to understand it. Our mother passed away only a few years ago, and thank god as this tragedy would have killed her.

I have spent the last week in deep thought , and going back over our lives and watching home video's I am fortunate enough to have of SENO . I suppose the most powerful thoughts revolve around the way he loved to be the life of the party, and nine times out of ten he was just that and more . Every one who knew him loved him in their own way, and he did manage to piss every one off at times yet they loved him and will never forget the good times they had together.

As all his mates and people who knew him would tell you, SENO loved to play the guitar and sing at any party going . He was very good at this and in fact did win a few talent quests over the years, some of his John Denver renditions were excellent as John Denver was one of his favorite singers. I have managed to upload a copy of a home video from a get together in my parents yard, it is SENO and his neice Jodi singing "A Boy From The Country by John Denver . I considered it SENO's signature song and I want to share it now.

A Typical Scene With Seno On Guitar

This video is one of many we have and were all taken on a home video camera, although the quality is only amateur standard the memories they hold are priceless . I have loaded this one to YouTube and called it , Ian Sentance (SENO) Lives On . Yes....... our mate SENO the boy from the country has gone yet will never be forgotten. I will share a few family photographs that I have and then I will finish up this post and Tribute To SENO My Brother !

SENO & Family Christmas 1999

Ian  Sentance-  SENO  My  Brother

SENO - on the day of his mothers funeral

Ian Sentance-  Seno  My  Brother

Ian Sentance - 40th Birthday Party

Well SENO , you were without a doubt, the greatest brother, and I have not one regret of our life together as brothers . The way you could work at your prime was inspirational and few men could out work you , I am not the only one who would vouch for this.

Together we had some exceptional times, that other brothers will never ever experience , and you have taken with you some special secrets, only you and I will ever know. You always lived your life to the limit, and that was wild and care free, there were lots of times I could have strangled you for the things you had done!! Yet the beautiful and good things you did throughout your life, far outweighed your faults and bad judgement's.

I have so many wonderful memories of my mother and family , that are directly connected with you and the things you have done over the years. Well SENO , I love you in a very special way and will always remember our fun times , good bye for now mate until we meet again.

Your Loving Brother

Allen (Fisherman)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bush Walking Around Adelaide River Village

Come Bush Walking With My Wife Sandra and I

Well G'day again to all my readers,buddies,pals and friends , today we will be going on a regular bush walk Around Adelaide River Village . This is no special activity for Sandra and I as we do it quite regularly , I only hope I can give you all a sense of being with us on this Bush Walking trip today. There are many different tracks that lead off into the surrounding bushland, of varying distances from one kilometer up to 15 or 20 kilometers .

Our Front Drive We Leave From To Go Walking
Home at Adelaide River

Before We Start :
The bush combined with mother nature is without a doubt a beautiful experience, yet if you do not follow some very basic rules of the bush it could all turn into a nightmare , and none of us want that. So I will outline some of the basics , you should consider before heading off . This walk is only a reasonable one of around six kilometers round trip, all up maybe one casual hour.

1- Take a ltr of drinking water even though you can do the trip without a drink.
2- Wear good comfortable shoes or joggers.
3- A friend or neighbor should know where you are going, and when you intend to be back.
4- Wear a sensible hat for the conditions , and sunglasses if required .
5- I like to carry a stick, like a broom handle around 1.2 mtrs long.
Or a sapling from a tree can do the same thing, except your stripping tree's.
Yes friends it is a weapon, not a walking stick .
6- Always take a digital camera with you, as nature can offer some magnificent shots.

A Hill Top View Overlooks Adelaide River Valley

Well we leave our driveway gate usually 7-am of a morning walking only five hundred mtrs until we reach the Adelaide River , we are then in magnificent bushland filled with many types of birds who are at that time of day very active and singing their particular part in natures bush choir . Walking for about two kilometers along the river bank , we regularly come across 20 to 30 beautiful little wallabies grazing in open areas. They let us get quite close before scampering off into the scrubby bush to hide until we have gone , we often get them to sit and pose for a photo.

Australia's 2nd Largest War Cemetery

We have now reached the famous war cemetery that was established in Adelaide River for all the fallen soldiers and civilians from the Bombing of Darwin by the Japanese . This cemetery is a most beautiful picturesque, peaceful parkland that is kept in spectacular condition with manicured gardens and lawns. Thousands of tourists come from around the world just to see and photograph the war cemetery with its gardens. Not today yet soon I will do a feature blog post just on this cemetery for you all, so keep an eye out for that one.

Car Park Area Outside The War Cemetery

Come on guy's lets move on now, as we are about to come across a favorite part of this six kilometer walk, and we are in fact about half way then . This section is a beautiful part of the Adelaide River where you can sit in the shade and just listen the the rippling of the shallow running river . It is a special spot of mine where I often come to sit and think or watch and listen to the water and birds . I always tell my friends that Mother Nature and me are good friends, and I visit her as often as I can.

As we sit here for a few minutes admiring nature and the deafening sound of silence ,two small wild piglets come down to the rivers edge and drank, we sat perfectly still and watched, while they did not even see us only 6mtrs away. Here you can also watch small fish feeding along the shallow edges, and occasionally big fish around three pounds will dart through the shallow section back into the deeper water. I often bring my grand children here to fish and enjoy it .

Where I Come To Meditate With Nature

Now friends we will move on away from the river, and back along another track which will head us in an arc and along another wooded area, where only two weeks ago I saw a wild buffalo heading through the bush . As we walk further and now heading back towards the Adelaide River Village , we follow the tree line of a cleared area where we come across a large number of lorikeets that were in the trees feeding on the
eucalypt blossoms . The sound they make in large numbers like this is very loud and while we take some photos of these beautifully colored parrots its not hard to realize that Bush Walking is full of many pleasures as well as great exercise.

Western View of The Adelaide River Valley

Moving on to the western track on the other side from the village , we are now on the home run just one and a half km from home . This last section basicly is a nice flat smooth track all the way to home, where we will enter our back gate as we have come in a compete circle . Many of the locals here will do similar Bush Walking Around Adelaide River Village and we quite often will meet them coming the other way .

We love to do this walk even more when the wet season is here as we get to watch the approaching storms coming across the valley, and at times we do get caught half way home in the rain. Who cares though it is like warm monsoon showers and very refreshing, no trouble as we are near home and a shower with fresh clothes .
Well friends I only hope you enjoyed the Bush Walking today and we will see you all a little later for yet another taste of the Northern Territory Australia .

Allen Sentance

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dry Season Over in The Top End

The Top End - Dry Season Ending

Hello again my friends and readers of the universe, to-day we will as I said previous, take a further look at some area's that the Fisherman has been. The photo above is an aboriginal Painting from the walls of the Katherine River Gorge, which is a stunning place to visit should you ever get the chance to visit the Top End of Australia . These beautiful paintings are a big part of Australia's heritage, and can be seen in in many historical locations around the Top End .

Dry Season Almost Over

You will get your 4 seasons in The Top End , just like clockwork and the difference to other area's is that , The Top End seasons do not vary much in temperature from minimum to maximum . What is unique to the Northern Territory of Australia is our wet season , that very few tourists get to see . Most tourists hear about how wet it gets and high tail it out , fearing they will get stuck here , which was the case years ago.

Today you can drive from Adelaide in the south of Australia all the way to Darwin at the very top of Australia all year round , or alternatively as I would suggest to any one planning a visit here , fly to Darwin . We have a great international airport just 15 km out of Darwin city , from there I suggest hiring a vehicle and visiting most of the amazing wonderful places . When complete you fly back home, and the savings on fuel alone from driving here will cover the cost of car hire easily, and you get to enjoy more time here. Only my opinion , others may argue with that .

The Famous Daly River Crossing


This is a shot of the Daly River crossing where you cross in the dry season to get to Port Keats and the famous village Pepperminadi . Once the wet arrives the river floods and cuts these places off from vehicles . Your only access then is by small charter plane to Port Keats .
The town ship of Daly River itself is on the immediate river bank before you cross the Daly River, it has a hotel with a small van park and some cabins . The police station is there also , as well as some basic supplies at the small store.

The mighty Daly River however is a lot more famous for the annual Barramundi Fishing Classic , which attracts competitors from around the country and the world. I will perhaps at a later stage do a blog post just about this famous classic, so keep an eye out for that post . We best get back to talking about the Dry Season Almost Over in The Top End .

Tourist Times
The Northern Territory top end has a thriving tourist industry , which come from all over the world, and people in Australia doing their famous around Australia Trip, usually towing a caravan . The influx of tourists start at the end of the wet season around April-May, when the runoff is happening and they begin to catch big barramundi as the waters begin to recede from the flooded country area's.

From this time until Sept-October is called the dry season , and mark my words it gets very dry, not a speck of rain until the build up period starts. This will start October when you begin to see all the tourists and caravans heading south , because of the build up humidity that some folks can't handle , and the inevitable wet season that is here from mid December through to March. Personally the dry season for me becomes monotonous and boring , almost 4 months of sunshine and no rain.

Our main Tourist attractions "Crocodiles"


We do have a large number of crocodiles here in The Top End, and in fact we usually have a couple of fatal attacks on people silly enough to put themselves in a vulnerable situation . I do a lot of fishing in the area and regularly see croc's while I am fishing, they are only dangerous if you are stupid . My love of the Top End of Australia grows stronger every year as I experience all it has to offer each and every day.

I was a plumbing contractor and worked 6 days a week , until I made the decision to retire from plumbing which took up all my time with no time left to enjoy life. A good friend of mine Sean Rasmussen has taught me how to replace my income , by becoming an online internet business man . I now am running this from home with my wife , so I no longer have to go out working, and I now enjoy the luxury of true freedom, doing what I want and when I want. Fishing usually 3 days per week .

My Latest Catch a 70 cm Barramundi


So we now come to the end of this post, and I hope you now are getting a picture of just some of the beautiful places around The Top End . I will be bringing you lots more as the weeks go by and I am looking forward to giving you some video clips of our magical tropical thunderstorms . Now with the Dry Season Almost Over in The Top End we bid the straggling tourists goodbye and we get ready for the build up.

Allen Sentance

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Allen Sentance Fisherman Country Australia

Allen Sentance Fisherman Country

Ian Vigar  Kookaburra 005

G'day again to my wonderful friends and loyal readers, I want to change direction with my next few posts to give you all an idea of what sort of an area I currently live in and some of the area's I have been since I moved to the Northern Territory Australia almost 6 years ago. Allen Sentance Fisherman Country Australia would have to be among one of the most exciting area's in Australia to visit , and I happen to be fortunate enough to live here.

Some Amazing Sunsets
My wife Sandra and I regularly watch the sunsets and sunrises , as mother nature always has a unique way of performing her beauty here in the top end of Australia where man to date has not interfered too much. I will share a couple of sunset photos with you and just note how breath taking they are, it is a common site of beauty that appears to be more regular in the top end as opposed to southern area's.

Fisherman Country
As most of my readers and friends will know , my name is Allen Sentance and I love fishing so much,my friends call and know me as Fisherman.My love for fishing , camping, nature and the out doors has played a big part in why I have moved here and settled to eventually retire .



I live in a small village of around 200 people, just 100 kilometers south of Darwin in the northern territory of Australia. This village is called "Adelaide River" and is in fact, on the banks of the river of the very same name . The beautiful sunsets we experience here are at times breath taking, and I have another Photo Blog where I feature a lot of these sunsets , called Vigars Photos which I would love you to also visit and enjoy.

For my Global Readers

The map of Australia above for those that are not as familiar with Australia is divided into, 6 states and two Territories.
States as follows

Western Australia
- for obvious reasons, Perth is the capital.
South Australia - for obvious reasons, Adelaide is the capital
Tasmania - is an island and state off Australia , below the mainland R/H bottom side, Hobart is the capital.
Victoria - is at the bottom R/H side of the mainland, Melbourne is the capital.
New South Wales - the eastern centre state of which Sydney is the capital.
Queensland - the top eastern state where we have the Gold Coast and Brisbane city as well as The Great Barrier Reef.
Australian Capital Territory - 300 kilometers inland from Sydney A.C.T. - Canberra is the capital.
Northern Territory - very top centre of Australia and Darwin being the capital.

Now you are perhaps a little more familiar with where I live, I will proceed over the coming weeks to try and introduce you to some of the wonderful locations I have travelled and experienced. I must admit I could never imagine living away from water where I could not go fishing, and therefore you must understand why I like to refer my life and travels as , Allen Sentance Fisherman Country Australia.

Hey.......Life Is Good.......

Allen Sentance

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lifestyle Benefits from Learning Social Media

Social Media is Powerful and Opens Doors

I am a hard working family man who only 18 months ago was mentally accepting to get ready for retirement, a government pension and finally death. Hey that was 18 months ago before I discovered, The Lifestyle Benefits from Learning Social Media. Today is now the best day in my life as I have now been exposed to many small changes which have created amazing results. Now I am looking at early retirement without a government pension and my life is getting better every day in every way, because of me changing how I thought and learning how to implement small changes consistently.

To see more beautiful sunsets in my back yard Darwin
Click on the photo


Learning Social Media
I have managed to meet and mix with some outstanding human beings as I have been learning my new profession of internet marketing , and I still am learning. You need to be proficient and understand the power of Social Media to be successful in internet marketing, it is just that powerful and plays the part of success or failure in the industry. Like any thing you need to be taught the techniques, and how to use it effectively , then implement the strategies. I will be for ever grateful to my coach and mentor Sean Rassmussen , who has introduced me to the tools I require and has then taught me how to use those tools. The Lifestyle Benefits from Learning Social Media for Sandra and I are just beginning , for life has taken on a whole new meaning as a result .

Off On Another Working Trip
Sandra had been preparing and organizing a whole week in preparation for our last Social Media working trip that took us over 2 weeks to the following places. We flew to London with a short stopover in Dubai , then after networking with friends in London, we attended another internet seminar and workshop that Sean Rasmussen helped organise & fellow internet marketers were teaching at for two days. From there our internet friend in England Stuart Ginbey looked after us and showed us around for a couple of days , then we caught a plane across the English Channel to the Netherlands to stay with friends Margureit & Hanz. Two years ago this would have been a pie in the sky dream & please...... we are in no way trying to impress you, as you can do this also if you choose to.

Some Of My Social Media Networking Friends

No - Negativity What So Ever
For forty years I went to work day in and day out and I can never remember my workmates ever getting around with smiles on their faces like these guy's have in the photo. You see all of my friends and associates these days are positive, like minded and enjoying life to the maximum, simply because they chose to make a difference in their life and then commit to what was required to make it happen. Well all my good friends online who are following my journey these days, stay safe until I report our latest adventure to you and I hope you now have an idea of the Lifestyle Benefits from Learning Social Media.

Hey.....Life Is Good......

Allen Sentance

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nature Trek in Vanuatu Paradise

You know Life Is Good when you get to be with friends and can take a Nature Trek in Vanuatu Paradise, all while you are working is the best part.

Welcome to all my friends and readers, we went on an aerial view of Vanuatu last post and this time I want to share the feeling of being enclosed in Natures arms as the universe intended. It all began with a pretty hairy taxi ride from the resort, and when asked by the driver where did we want to go , our smart reply was show us some good spots. Well friends at first I thought we were not going to go all that far as the taxi was an old beat up 4 door corolla with the hood lining hanging down and some door handles missing. Then we also found out they have no road rules or licence's there.

The Locals Village
Still not really knowing where we were headed , the driver turned onto a dirt road and went into a sort of small community where there were many hut type structures with interwoven palm leaves as a roof. Even here with the primitive type housing we were in lovely peaceful surroundings and green foliage every where at the foothills of the island. We spent perhaps 15 minutes here site seeing and taking photo's before moving on, it was a great comparison of Lifestyle .

Natures Memories
The taxi driver soon had us at a place that I will remember for the rest of my life, it was called Cascades Waterfall and just like the sign said , it was more than a tour it was a lifetime experience. This was to be our Nature Trek in Vanuatu Paradise and it was worth every cent we paid the taxi and the gate attendant. We set off on our own wandering through the jungle so to speak along a beautiful stream that eventually led us to the magnificent water falls about 2km in.

All in A Days Work
These series of cascading waterfalls consisting of about 30 in total with crystal clear water ponds at the bottom of each fall , eventually led us up through the jungle and to the main waterfall at the top. The ladies waited and took photographs of the beautiful settings and surrounding wild flowers, while Myself and Scotty my work mate just had to climb the waterfall and swim in the several ponds on the way. You know all those late nights ,lessons,and workshop seminars on internet marketing were all worth it, when you can sit in the middle of a magical waterfall and wave to your wife below , as you are working and swimming in Vanuatu.."must pinch myself."

Dreams Do Come True
Not only have I wanted to share this adventure in Vanuatu and have you consider some fabulous journies like this , I want you all to understand that only two years ago I was a full time plumber . This involved long working manual hours and at times 70 hrs a week. I then decided to start learning the skills needed to do internet marketing and a good friend gave me the gift of a lifetime as it has turned out, a book called "Year Of The Affiliate" got me to a point where I realized that it was possible for an old plumber to replace his income.

I had to work also on personal development and commit to the learning with an open mind, this was not all that easy when all your mates were camping or fishing for the weekend while you were at an internet workshop for 2 days which you had to pay for.
Well I am not trying to impress you or boast in any way,........ did you know I have traveled to more places in the last 10 months than I have in my life and in 2 more weeks my wife Sandra & I will be in London. Yes we have to go there for some more work related matters and it looks like we will be stuck there for around 2 weeks..!

Take care as you travel your journey in life and I want to hear any of your thoughts on your experiences , so please leave a comment or contact me with any questions or queries you feel I can help you with. I do hope my Nature Trek in Vanuatu Paradise has helped give you an insight as to what is available to us all, should we want to take the ride.
Learning to communicate success and also teach others is now a life Goal of mine.

Hey.....Life Is Good........

Allen Sentance

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vanuatu Sight Seeing By Plane

Photographs and Memories to Share With Friends

  • Vanuatu Sight Seeing By Plane

As all our readers and followers enjoyed reading about all the hard work we had to do
in Vanuatu and what a great place it was to work, I thought today I would tell you a little about our sea plane sight seeing flight over the main area of Vanuatu and surrounding islands and bay's.

The photo above shows most of the main business area and harbor of Port Vila which thrives with vehicles, markets,shopping area full of tourists & locals,along side the harbor foreshore where you catch ferries and boats to the out lying islands or just cruising around the harbor which we also did another day on a catamaran . The small 4 seater sea plane we were on is kept moored at an island resort and we had to take a short ferry ride to connect with it to go on the flight.

The name of this island resort which is only 1km off the main land is Tririki and it is beautifully set out with with all the facilities you could imagine that will extract as much of your money from you as possible while they have you stranded on the island. It would be worth every cent and infact we met up with a young couple from Australia while on our cruise that had come here to get married on Tririki Island then spend a week there for their honeymoon, it is truly beautiful and recommended.

The weather was perfect all the time we were in Vanuatu so we knew our Sight Seeing By Plane was going to be excellent and our two photographers , my wife Sandra and our internet marketing friend Sharon,would be able to get some great photographs.
The shots here you will see were all taken by the girls and they give you an idea of how beautiful Vanuatu and Port Vila are , when you see the lovely clear water and calm lagoons all around the mainland. It is no wonder so many divers & snorkelers enjoy the diving here. Our friend Sean took his two sons for their first open ocean scuba dive while we were all there working hard.

Let me now show a few more photo's to help you understand the beautiful place and surroundings here and why so many tourists visit this paradise and to see it By Plane is even more spectacular. The pilot was excellent and made sure we saw everything.The island in this shot is where all the main tribal people and the Cheif of this country reside with no tourists or foreigners , it is not a very large island and is not far off the main land as you can see in the photo. They travel too and fro to the mainland by boat for shopping and other requirements. They are gentle and very friendly people and we were told that to walk the streets of night was not dangerous.

It is a great feeling when your loved one and good friends spend such special time together, like we were fortunate enough to do while we were in Vanuatu, and to also know that this trip was virtually the start or a taste of what is to come for us all in the very near future due to our internet businesses we have been structuring and building this last past 8 months.
Check the smiles out on these two lovely ladies as we flew over Vanuatu Sight Seeing.

You do not see smiles like that on the faces of people who have to line up and be at work every morning. All the time we were there I spent smiling myself, both internally and externally as I knew all our hard work was beginning to pay off and we had never experienced a lifestyle such as this in our lives prior to becomming involved with the net.

We landed back at the Tririki Island Resort and caught the ferry back to the mainland for a brouse through the shops and markets before catching a cab back to our resort, the Le-Merriddean, which is about a 6km drive across the island over the hill to a beautiful secluded area of beach and nature surroundings. I do not play golf yet there was a golf course and all the facilities included at the Le-Merriddean, we spent a lot of our time around the pool,bar & on the beach. Just a couple of more pic's and I will sign off.

I have enjoyed sharing with you all some of the sights and things we did while we were all in Vanuatu with our workmates. We also managed to go on another little expedition into the jungle and rainforest where we found some other beautiful and exciting surroundings. I will bring that to you all in my next post , so stay tuned and thanks for letting me share the time we went to Vanuatu Sight Seeing By Plane, it is now a life time experience. is good......

Allen Sentance

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a Week We Had in Vanuatu Working

Yes friends , our new career meant that both my lovely wife Sandra and I were required to fly to Vanuatu last week and tend to some internet marketing duties that just had to be done. We tried to get out of having to go yet our coach and mentor insisted , we make sure we were there when he arrived .

I have that much respect for Sean and Cherie Rasmussen that there was no way I was about to let them down and watch them struggle with the duties at hand it just would not have been fair. So while I was weighing up that hard decision in my intelligent brain, Sandra had already made all the bookings for flights and accommodation and invited another internet marketing friend Sharon de Bryun to come along and help .

So as I was already out voted and all the arrangements were made, I realised there was no way out of this, so just decided I would have to go to Vanuatu working.
The first thing Sean had us do was to sit down and plan what needed to be done, who was going to do what and how we should go about it all.

This is Scotty , Sharon & Sean sitting around in the Meridean Resort lounge in Vanuatu laying out the duties at hand for us all. Some of the things he wanted me to do were a little unfamiliar for an ex Plumbing contractor and I was not used to this work.
Jobs To Do List At Vanuatu
  • Visit the bar at the pool regularly and drink lots often.
  • Make sure the Pizza was always fresh and on time
  • Always finish the days work with a huge Island coctail
  • Go swimming regularly so as not to overheat and save going to the toilet
  • Take turns holding down the bananna lounges by lying on them
  • Tweeting business messages and then re-tweeting them #followfriday
  • Digging articles and stories to support the business associates
  • Plan the next days events before retiring while we were still sober.
  • last and not least. Eat as much tropical fruit and sea-food as possible
OMG !!
Do we have to do all that while were here I said to Sean, his answer was .....No not while your here that is only what we will do the first 2 days. After that I have a convention planned for us all down on the main beach where we will go over the work we have done , compare notes, drink some more, go sailing on the catamaran. Oh and bring your computers down to the beach as well , we have some more tweeting,digging ,shouting and emails to complete, he said.
The girls tried to escape and go shopping in the village, that's when our trusty guard and tracker caught them sneaking away and bought them back immediately. So Sean gave them extra duties that day, Sandra and Sharon were told to go swimming for an hour and then paddle the surf ski's for another hour as punishment.

We worked hard on all our projects and managed to finish all the required work inside the time allocated, because we were all so hard working Sean & Cherie took us into the village the last night with their two lovely boys and we were shouted a magnifficent meal at an outdoor restaurant on the harbor water front.

You see my friends most folks only dream of a job like this, only 2 yrs ago so did Sandra and I, until we met Sean & Cherie Rasmussen who have taken us under their wing and taught us that Dreams do come true if you want them too. We are still only apprentices in the internet marketing world and still have so much to learn, oh and some more work to do like the Week We Had in Vanuatu Working our little bums off with the internet marketing business.

Both Sandra and I are well on our way to becoming financially free and never having to work physically again in our lives, that has always been our Dream and how good it feels to see it unfolding as a result of lots and lots of hrs and commitment building our internet marketing business. I am in no way boasting here, yet I do hope that those who are looking towards the internet marketing as a way of replacing their income , do so seriously as any one can build a successful business online.

Well thank you all for showing interest in the life and chapters of Allen Sentance, as I have so many more chapters to complete and bring to you all. They will be things I have experienced and achieved through commitment and working hard , and as I leave you all now remember the Week We Had in Vanuatu Working can be any one.

Hey.........Life Is Good........

Allen Sentance

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter With Family and Grandchildren

Hello to all the folks who follow my blog, as you may have noticed by now I am a very family conscious person. Easter With Family and Grandchildren is always a special time for my wife Sandra and I , it is one of the times in the year we usually get together. For me personally I like to sit back and watch the young grand kid's having fun and some times even fighting with each other as kids do, you can observe all the different personalities they each have or are developing. Do you have special memories of easter time with your family as you were growing up, for our family as I grew up it always meant camping & fishing some where in the bushland or a special spot on the river.

We were taught as children at sunday school exactly what easter really was for , and we have always honored that tradition. As a working man my father had very little time off to do anything more than take us into the bush for the day catching rabbits to eat and feed the family. So easter was one of the times we had 3 full days for the easter break and so we would take full advantage of the time to make it special and quality time as a family.

I was the eldest of six children and we at the time could not afford expensive trips or holidays, and that never ever worried me, as my childhood is full of wonderful memories of the times we all spent as a family usually in the bush around nature either catching fish or rabbits which for a young boy growing up was an adventure and always exciting. No wonder today at 58 I still go fishing and love to camp in the bush, it is without a doubt the thing I love most , and I am at peace when I am with my best mate NATURE.

In the photo above you can see an adult playing in the shallows with his 4 children, he is my 33 yr old son who is a Sgt in the army at Darwin Australia, and the 4 children are his , 2 lovely little girls Chandelle & Kate . He also has the twin boys who are 5 there my future fishing mates, so I am teaching them how to fish and we go to the river often. That photo basicly is a replica or indication of me growing up, I would spend the time with the 4 children I had, camped out some where enjoying nature. So that photo shows how my son Fred has it instilled in him what I used to do with him and what my dad did with me, that to me is special.

The river you see there is 1km from my house where Sandra & I currently live, in a small Village called Adelaide River and you guessed it , this is in fact the Adelaide River also. It is located 100km south of Darwin on the stuart hwy and has about 200 residents. A beautiful picturesque quite little village, in the middle of NATURE with all the modern day services and a great place to go fishing, camping,swiming or even pig hunting if you like.

Now you know why I , the Fisherman as all my friends know me lives where he lives & until the day you pay me a visit so I can have the pleasure of showing you around my back yard, you just will never know what you are missing. We are also blessed to have our baby , Donald who is 26 and lives in Darwin with his wife Leslie and their 2 children, Andrew 5 and little girl Calin 1. I want to at this stage put another photo of some out doors on the river with us fishing.

Here my good friends is the terrible
twins Mitchell & Briley , they had a
ball this day and they caught more
fish than Poppy. Now I have been told
by on good authority that there is most
likely going to be an invasion on our
place with 6 grandchildren coming
friday and saturday. I am prepared
and will take them all down to the river, so we can have some fun together as
the mothers catch up on the gossip.

Well while you all think of the great memories you had as a child at easter time when you ate that much chocolate you were sick, and wished easter was over I will do a quick head count of who we expect as family to visit us. My son Fred & wife Kim and their 4 children, my other son Don & wife lesley with their 2 children. That is a grand total of 10 visiting family members plus myself and my darling wife Sandra, so our Easter With Family and Grandchildren is going to be a grand and traditional easter. May you all have a wonderful easter of you own and with who you love. is good....... try some this easter, until my next post take care.

Allen Sentance

Friday, March 20, 2009

Without Struggle You Will Not Evolve

Fisherman welcomes you all once again to yet another inspirational person and wants to share with you all a message he recieved to-day from this close friend in Kenya. The man I am speaking of is to the right here, he is Jared Akama Ondieki. What he has in common with the other two on the left is they are of all the same background , the two on the left are in fact already very great and respected leaders.

What I want to point out to you all here is that they and Jared all started out with a VISION ..... Jared also has a vision and is only 30 yrs old. He wants to lead his people in Kenya to true freedom and peace, and intends to achieve this goal in the near future. At the moment he is working to save starving & orphaned Children.
This Is His Message Today

Subject: Dear Member
Dear Friends,

Where did the week go!
It's Friday!
I hope and trust that the week was great as I wish you a great weekend ahead.

As I went on with my daily work this week,I thought about you and wondered what you were doing at the time and the following story came to my mind,read this:-

A man was confined to a bed for months.On his windowsill,there was a cocoon going through the motions as nature took its course,the butterfly inside struggled to emerge.But it was a long,painful and hard battle.
As hours passed,the struggling insect made no progress.
And at this Point,the man felt sorry for the poor insect and decided to help.He took a pair of scissors and snipped the opening of the cocoon larger.The butterfly crawled out,but that is all it ever did-Crawl.

The Pressure of the struggle was meant to strengthen it's wings and give them life.However the cleverness and mercy this human batched the birth.It was a stunted abortion!

* So friends remember....Without Struggle You Will Not Evolve.

Wonderful people,it is my hope that all this Economic,social and Political Problems we are facing today are meant to make us stronger and emerge Victor and never to crawl in issues of life,I am sure after all this we will emerge United and stay close to each other always as we are already doing.

Let Peace,Interdependence and Love be the outcome of our struggle for we shall have come out strong and full of life.

You are all my brothers and Sisters and I will always stay close to you in spirit.Kindly lets invite more people to join us as we work together towards our common goals for the people and the children.



Jared Akama Ondieki.
I am very proud and honored to have him as my now personal friend, and we have combined our efforts from this point on to help and save as many of the underprivilaged, starving & orphaned children as we can. I have already set up a friendship program for the orphaned children already in jareds care at the orphanage.
From here we will be working towards raising the funds to set Jared and the orphanages school up with a computer ,printer and associated equiptment to help in the education and co-ordination of all future programs we intend to implement.

Should you feel you can assist us in any way please contact myself on this email and I will let you know how you can help.

The Fisherman says until our next meeting remember Without Struggle You Will Not Evolve, and thank you for reading his post.

Allen Sentance

Monday, March 2, 2009

My New Online Friends Help Fisherman

The Fisherman as you all probably know by now is in fact me Allen Sentance, and to-day I want to honour the good friends I have made since joining the internet world as they are the ones who have delivered me through the barriers and challe
nges to a place now where the world has become what ever I want it to be.

Yes all my life I have worked like a demon and have always been proud of just how good a worker I am and my life has overall been quite good, not as good as I would have liked yet I have learned to be grateful for what you have as there is always some one who would love to trade places with you , no matter how bad you think your life is.

I have learned also and believe that if you can manage to count all your true friends on your fingers of one hand at the end of your life, then you can consider yourself very fortunate. You see most people throughout their life aquire what they think are friends yet when the chips are down and they turn to them, they discover these so-called friends were in fact only aquaintences.

Well for me over the last 18 months I have truly been on a roller coaster believe me, my life hit the wall and not only was I struggling with life and what it was all about, I discovered the difference between true friends & aquaintences. I then realised I needed change in my life, So like many others to-day I turned to the internet with the hope of developing an income that would replace my current one.

I discovered it
was not that easy and infact it was hopeless and was never going to happen......UNTIL.. the day I came across a man by the name of Sean Rasmussen, that was the beginning of Fishermans new life without a doubt. This man has a method of internet marketing that very few have, he explained to me that if I was good at working hard and applied it to his methods , then I could replace my current income sooner than I realised.

The rest is a story for another day as it is a beautiful story of the fisherman being re-born. By building this successful internet business I have to-day I was exposed to meeting thousands of people, through setting up of social networks & joining online classes to learn the computer and apply Seans techniques. At this point I want to share with you all a link to an internet book which Sean wrote and gave to me, it was the basics to the internet I began with...Thank you Sean...
You get it here.... Year Of The Affiliate by Sean Rasmussen ...

Now I also started to meet hundreds of like minded people and began sharing information and developing friend ships, not just where I live and the majority of them come from other countries all around the globe. I am also now involved with a very close knit group of internet marketers , who are my personal friends and business associates, who to-date look like being friends for life.

The Fisherman would without hesitation state that he now has more genuine friends who would stand by him through thick and thin, then he has managed to aquire from his previous 40 yrs of life, sad in a way yet true. I highly recommend the internet to anyone... just get with the proper people and develop the skills before expecting to generate big incomes, in fact if there is any one message I could give you to save the heartache of dissapointment and loss of money is this..... Never Get Involved With Any Program That Promises To generate Quick or Instant Income.....As I can assure you from experience , It generates instant income for them only...

I am very passionate about the possibilities on the internet now and Fisherman has so many great friends from it that he intends to pass on the teaching and integrity that was given to him. He still has a long way to go himself and is currently still under the full time training and guidance of his now mentor & life long friend Mr. Sean Rasmussen.

Allen Sentance

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Birth Of a Child and Love Of a Mother

Hello and how are all of my great friends ?
Fisherman wants to welcome you here with him.

To-day I want to talk about some beautiful things that have happened to me since joining the world of internet just 12 months ago. You may have read some of my very first blog posts that are now archived & I explained there how I struggled to learn the computer. Well I am glad to say that through a few beautiful friends efforts and my commitment I am better now then I was back then , and mind you I have in no way finished learning. What I have done though is managed to uncover the true power of the internet through affiliate marketing and am now in fullon mode building an internet business under the direct coaching and supervision of one of Australia's outstanding and successful internet coaching teams..

Well I would say that was my first beautiful thing that happened to me in the last 12 months.

Moving on I must say there have been numerous events that have happened for me and my lovely wife Sandra for which I will be forever grateful, I will only touch on a few of the most signifficant ones here. I then was fortunate enough to enter into a group of internet marketers that were hand picked from Australia and England by none other than one of Australia's most successful internet marketers Mr. Sean Rasmussen and his beautiful wife Cherie. We are now personal friends of theirs as well as the other 22 students and their families from all over , more about this great and influential group another day and another post in the near future.

I have become intensely involved on the internet also with social natworking and have set up my own personal social networking site where people can join and mix with other like minded and positive thinking folks. This site has been a godsend for me and at first I had no idea what I was doing, now our members are nearing 100 and they have all become personal friends of mine through regular contact on this site.

Feel free to join me here on this site as you too can meet so many wonderful people from around the world ...

A lot of people who now know me on a personal basis, know just how passionate I am about Children, good friends & nature. Well I have saved this little treat for you all until the end it is special to my heart and the person it is about.
About 9 months ago , I became good friends with a lovely young woman on the internet at this forum
And once again feel free to check this forum out it is full of wonderful people.

This young womans name is Viki and on the forum they know her as goodthingscome
now I want to let you know she has had to do the IVF program to have children and for an eternity was broken hearted on many occasions with failure after failure to become pregnant. Now with a never say die attitude a lot of practice and persistance, she was rewarded with her first child a little son she named Andrew.
Can you imagine how excited Viki & Shane were, I want to now share with you a poem that Viki had written prior to knowing she was getting little Andrew. This is the power of manifestation at it's best which Viki , Shane & I all believe in
By Vittoria McDonald

Our child
by: Vittoria McDonald a dear friend of Fisherman.

To my special little child, The day has finally come. When
you ask those wonderful questions Of how you became our son.
You see your story is quite different, But very much the
same. It happened the way most things do, Born from love
heartache and pain. Unable to have you the way others do, We
tried and tried and found our way. It cost lots of money
sweat and tears We cried and cried for what felt like years.
But our day of mourning has finally past. Celebrations are
here, our day at last. So here's to you our pride and joy,
And to the world of IVF who gave us our boy.

This is Andrew, he is a little champion and thank you Viki & Shane for a job well done. Oh !! now wait this is the most exciting part, I spoke with Viki yesterday and she has informed me success has come yet once again. Andrew is going to get a little brother in 4 weeks time....HOW COOL IS THAT... Below is an ultrasound of the soon to be born little brother for Andrew...taken at 33wks.. Just love it !!!

Well my friends these are just some beautiful things I am sharing and I would love to do a follow up with Viki once the big event has passed. Thank you all for reading my post it is special to me and if you have enjoyed it share it with others and show appreciation with a digg. is good..... and gratitude & belief will deliver all

Allen Sentance

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

During this horror of the Victorian Fires

We are all aware by now of the devastating bushfires in Victoria Australia, so many have been effected and I came accross an anonymos email that I would like to share.

Hello everyone,
During this horror of the Victorian Fires, I'm just wondering if everyone can include call centre agents/telephone operators in their prayers, please? During my shift today, every agent handled calls from distraught people searching desperately for loved ones, friends and employees. Some callers had already lost folk and were now frantically looking for others. For many callers, we were the only number that would answer.

Our training doesn't cover how to handle grief stricken people, many sobbing, and our agents were affected deeply by stories they heard first-hand. Naturally, the emergency services of police, ambulance, fire brigades, hospitals, OOO, SES and Red Cross hot-lines were totally overwhelmed with callers and many people had been trying for hours to ring but had been unable to get through. They then turned to us, at 1234, as they knew they would be answered by a human who they could talk to and hopefully get some answers from.

One agent received a call from a woman saying she was in a house surrounded by fire, with no way out and what should she do? Whilst the agent was talking with her, the line went dead. That agent will forever be wondering what happened to that poor woman, as we all will. I took a call from a woman who's daughter, who lived at Kinglake, had sent her a text message, late yesterday, saying, "The house is going" followed shortly by another that simply said, "Pray for me".

She had been unable to contact her daughter, or heard from her, since. I had another call from a young man, who was holidaying in NSW but lived at Maryville, and was trying to be brave and not sound too concerned that he was unable to raise anyone at home or his boss. He kept trying to convince himself that his boss would answer his mobile phone later as the boss never went anywhere without his phone.

He just couldn't accept that, maybe, some of those he was calling would never answer the phone again. He wouldn't take any number to call but, in the end, he let me sms some hotline numbers through to his mobile, which he could ring later, when he was more able to cope with the reality of the situation. We were being asked for directions from people trying to get away from the area, but were being confronted by blocked roads and wanting to know which road to take to get around it.

We had no idea which roads were blocked, or even where the fires were actually burning, so could ony hope and pray we were sending them on a safe path and not straight at one of the fire zones. I had a young girl, who decided she had to go home to Kinglake, just to make sure her family and everything were alright.

I gave her the directions and tried to convince her to stay in Melbourne, but she was determined she had to see for herself. I can only hope she was turned around at a roadblock and never entered the danger zone. We had calls from people, frantically trying to access water from their tanks but were unable to, as the powerlines had gone and their pumps wouldn't work. So many are so unprepared.

We handled calls like these all day, knowing those coming on to replace us, would be confronted by the same, for their entire shift and most of us have to go back tomorrow to cope with it again. Many of our agents are young and, therefore, have very few life skills learnt from experience so have absolutely no idea how to cope with grief/distress, especially others'.
I guess, I'm a little more prepared than most, for this type of situation as I completed the Lifeline Telephone Counsellors Course in 2001 and worked 2 x 5 hour shifts a week for almost 2 years, on a volunteer basis, so I coped much better than most, and was able to give very limited assistance to other agents. That doesn't mean I'm not deeply affected by handling these calls. Many tears were shed in our centre today, mine among them, with many more to come.

Our stories are probably nothing compared to those heard by the emergency services but we're still here, coping as best we can, and will continue to be. We don't just take a call, then wander off for coffee. One call ends and the next drops in straight away, with it's own new challenges. I take an average of just over 400 calls per shift. On a day like today, when over 3/4 of our calls were regarding the fire zones, that is alot of others' grief and distress to cope with. Please keep us, the thousands of call centre agents and telephone operators, in your thoughts and prayers.

Such a sad day and as declared , it is the worst natural disaster in Australian history.

You can help by making a donation at the Red Cross Appeal .... Link Below....

Also there has been a Facebook Group created where you can join up and share your comments and feelings with your friends and give support to the Victims.

This is the link...

Thank You all so very much

Allen Sentance