Friday, November 6, 2009

Tribute To SENO My Brother

Hello to all my readers, today I want to share a brief cross section, of my brother Ian (SENO) Sentance. I share this with you all as a Tribute to SENO My Brother as he was tragically taken from us on 28-10-09 in a house fire. He is to be buried today Friday 6-11-09 .
18-2-1961 - 28-10-2009
Ian Sentance- aka- SENO
Tribute To SENO

Last week SENO was asleep in his unit when it caught fire , the firebrigade arrived to find SENO was inside and even though they managed to get him outside, it was just far too late as he had been overcome by the smoke and passed away from smoke inhalation . He was not physically burned any where, and I was told he would not have suffered and looked just like he was asleep and comfortable when my sisters identified him at the hospital.

This is my way of expressing my love for him ,and how I will miss him. I am 10 years old than him , yet we got on as great mates, and had some wonderful times over the years with SENO.
Working with me on many occasions, we also have done some crazy things together and got away with them , many of them were life threatening antics of fun at the time. The difference being that SENO's crazy fun things usually came back to bite him .

He was a very carefree lad who only lived for today and took life as it unfolded before him , he loved life ,people,fun and only ever hurt himself as a result of some of his errors of judgment, and yes he did have quite a few of those. The special and precious love and understanding that my mother and SENO had was unique and needed to be witnessed to understand it. Our mother passed away only a few years ago, and thank god as this tragedy would have killed her.

I have spent the last week in deep thought , and going back over our lives and watching home video's I am fortunate enough to have of SENO . I suppose the most powerful thoughts revolve around the way he loved to be the life of the party, and nine times out of ten he was just that and more . Every one who knew him loved him in their own way, and he did manage to piss every one off at times yet they loved him and will never forget the good times they had together.

As all his mates and people who knew him would tell you, SENO loved to play the guitar and sing at any party going . He was very good at this and in fact did win a few talent quests over the years, some of his John Denver renditions were excellent as John Denver was one of his favorite singers. I have managed to upload a copy of a home video from a get together in my parents yard, it is SENO and his neice Jodi singing "A Boy From The Country by John Denver . I considered it SENO's signature song and I want to share it now.

A Typical Scene With Seno On Guitar

This video is one of many we have and were all taken on a home video camera, although the quality is only amateur standard the memories they hold are priceless . I have loaded this one to YouTube and called it , Ian Sentance (SENO) Lives On . Yes....... our mate SENO the boy from the country has gone yet will never be forgotten. I will share a few family photographs that I have and then I will finish up this post and Tribute To SENO My Brother !

SENO & Family Christmas 1999

Ian  Sentance-  SENO  My  Brother

SENO - on the day of his mothers funeral

Ian Sentance-  Seno  My  Brother

Ian Sentance - 40th Birthday Party

Well SENO , you were without a doubt, the greatest brother, and I have not one regret of our life together as brothers . The way you could work at your prime was inspirational and few men could out work you , I am not the only one who would vouch for this.

Together we had some exceptional times, that other brothers will never ever experience , and you have taken with you some special secrets, only you and I will ever know. You always lived your life to the limit, and that was wild and care free, there were lots of times I could have strangled you for the things you had done!! Yet the beautiful and good things you did throughout your life, far outweighed your faults and bad judgement's.

I have so many wonderful memories of my mother and family , that are directly connected with you and the things you have done over the years. Well SENO , I love you in a very special way and will always remember our fun times , good bye for now mate until we meet again.

Your Loving Brother

Allen (Fisherman)