Sunday, December 14, 2008

Allen Sentance (FISHERMAN) Gives Thanks


Well my friends the end of 2008 is near and yet another year of our amazing journey in life has passed. To-day I want to get off our regular subjects, only to give thanks to friends & events in my life over the past 12 months . The subjects around Kenya & my Friend Jared Okama Ondieki, no doubt have been a big part of my life in the last 6 months and they are about to become a major part in my life from this point on, as I am about launch another form of assistance for underprivaleged & orphaned children the world over. I will give you this link for now , only so you can check out the new Blogg launch this week. I don't want to spoil it so I will leave the details for you until 2009, when we get serious !!!

I now want to thank all my friends especialy my new found friends I have developed on the internet as well the people who have been giving support & guidance to me as I venture into the world of the internet on a major scale, where things are beginning to heat up and get the old FISHERMAN quite excited !!!
My friends know who they are and where they fit into my life, I am not about to start naming all of them as this is a blog post, not a book. I also feel a best selling book will come from my adventures in life, as not to share it with the world would be a crime. Yes Allen Sentance has led a very colorful & exciting life, and I have reached a point in my life where I now know what I am about & what my true passion in life is.

I want to give thanks to my darling wife & best mate Sandra (NANNY) who has supported me more than any person in my life, and has never ever complained about anything or asked for more. Why I emphasise my gratitude for NANNY is because I had a bad year with anxiety & depression which without her support may have beaten me. I am excited about life now as I have discovered myself and my purpose & now know that once you can answer those internal questions of yourself & start to love .....yes love yourself ,that is when your life starts. I had over the years been very hard on myself and set too high of a standard , that I had no hope of living up to & then took it out on myself mentally when I failed. is good....... I am Allen Sentance (FISHERMAN) now and Aint nobody gunna steal my DREAMS away.
Now I want to give thanks and appreciation to the Many organisations I have had the pleasure to find & become involved with as a member of this year, some are charity based, some are internet social groups , and some are business orientated.
The one that has had the most impact on my life thus far is a business group run by a now personal friend of mine, thanks for everything Sean. I also have a group of friends in the Northern Territory where I live, who I see regularly and go fishing and hu

nting with. Just before I finish up this Gratitude & thankyou post I want to tell you how much I appreciate Nature,the Universe , my Health, my Family.

'On December 25th, a Savior was born. He revealed eternal Truth, bringing Joy to millions. He astonished the world with His command over Nature. He changed history forever.'

'Happy Birthday, Sir Isaac Newton. December 25, 1642 - March 20, 1726.'
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Sandra & Allen is good............ Come Join The FISHERMAN

Allen Sentance

Thursday, December 4, 2008

NEWS FLASH !!!!!! From Jared Akama Ondieki

While I was chatting with Jared this week he informed me of the following, Allen I am now running as KENYA"S Presidential Candidate 2012.
Wow , This young man is so passionate about changing the future for his people & I for one feel his passion which inturn inspires me. He also has set up a small support group & has asked me to be personally involved, an administration position I have accepted.
I will advise you further ,of my role as it all becomes a little clearer. I am just so proud to be able to help Jared as one of my very own passions has been to help children, where & when I can. Jared himself understands his peoples needs as he was very poor and struggled in very bad conditions & slums while young & growing up. He has been actively been involved with helping his people for 8yrs now.

Jared said his calling now is to lead his people, and he is well educated, young, has the VISION required and the support of his people who have grown to trust and respect him. I know all this to be true since becoming involved with Jared as He gets his hands dirty working along side the effected citizens, while at the same time giving them the hope required to continue & without a doubt is a doer, not a talker. So he is genuinely standing for this leadership for his people and no monetory status has entered his mind at all.

I will in the next couple of weeks be starting another blog, especially to keep you all up to date as best I can of Jared's , movements both as a candidate and more importantly his causes.
Then I will be also setting up a support group, which I have discussed with Jared for the children who have been orphaned, deserted or living in poor conditions. To get it up and running quickly before Christmas I have decided to set this new group up internally at my social networking site . Here is the site Called Life Is Good where you join up
Once you have joined Life Is Good then join Jared and me at the new group which we will call "Consider The Children " It is ready to join now and we are still organising the agenda, which we will advise all members of as they join. Also I am hoping Jared is getting back to me shortly with information of a christmas surprise for these children we may be able to all contribute too. I will put this information in the "Consider The Children " group.

Please show your support for Jared by Joining us now and we will have some happy children, if that was all we did for them for christmas, think how much brighter there world would seem just to know that some one cares. is good........ Join Us Here Now

Allen Sentance
p.s.Contact Me personally if any Questions or input

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Human Rights & Vulnerable Children

Jared works tirelessly to help young children get a proper education & at least have half a chance in a country where poverty, disease & slums are far too common in this amazing modern world.
I know Jared is only one person , and he is embarking on a mission as I said in a previous post , that most people would rather just turn their back on and pretend that it wasn't there.
I am so proud of this young man who is obviously employing the principle, that everything we set out to do in life has to start with the first step, then the second and third. This in turn is the beginning of any journey & before you know it you will begin to gain momentum just like Jared is now & before long others will join and things will truly begin to change in the lives of people & children who were unfortunate enough to be born into the situation they had no control over !!! just imagine it were you, so please appreciate where you were born and spare at least a thought for them . Also a prayer will help wonders and that costs you nothing.

Sorry folks I am passionate about people who need genuine help & not just a handout, so lets finish off the OBJECTIVES we were outliningin the last post.
4. Address Human Rights Issues ,ranging from ensuring vulnerable children access proper basic needs including education and whatever else is needed to help realise their dreams.
5. Support preservation of Culture, therefore we will initiate programmes that support the preservation of various cultures and values through establishing culteral centres & cultural exchange programmes.
To achieve these objectives, the trust aims at working closely with the government, international organisations, donor institutions, communities & well-wishes.
The Trust has initially targeted three key National activities ; promoting a peace and non violent culture , the writing of a democracy handbook and helping in re-settlement of the displaced. A lot of which was bought about by the just witnessed post-election violence.
CEPACET will be on the frontline of these issues , until peace returns to the affected areas. I will continue with further objectives & proposed projects in my next post so please join me here next week.
Just before I do leave you I want ot introduce you to JARED's FaceBook Profile he has also started & is looking for as many friends as he can to join him... So go there and support him as a good friend, he deserves all the support we can give He is a Visionary who cares for others. is good.......... Come join Us Here

Allen Sentance

Monday, November 17, 2008

Adding Value To Life - CEPACET

Hello there once again and today I want to enlighten you all a little further on the wonderful young man Jared Akama Ondieki & just some of the programs he is proposing .
On the left is pictured a group of orphaned children, that Jared and the CEPACET organisation are currently working with and this I believe was one of their fund raising events that was held on Oct. 17th 2008 World Poverty Day. Before I proceed any further , here is a copy of the email Jared sent me on Nov. 1st where he had attachments of some of the projects , which I will be outlining for you.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2008 7:39 PM
Subject: Dear Allen

Dear Allen,
I hope that this finds you well.
Thanks for your continued support in regards to our Project here in Kenya.
I was able to access your Blog Link,it's indeed nice and keep up the good work.
It's therefore my hope that the below information will be of help towards making some news in your page.
I look forward to see our story in your blog.
Kindly let me know if there is anything you will need.
Adding Value to Life

CENTER For Partnership and
CIVIC Engagement Trust.
Canon Hse 4th Flr
Haile Silassie Ave.
P. O Box 4855-00200

Jared is not a one man band taking all this on , he & his committe already have engaged some assistance from various sources which I will also advise you all of as the information becomes available to me. He is however looking for further assistance from interested parties , who feel they could assist the overall cause he is working towards acheiving. Because of the nature of what these projects involved , I am going to need a few more follow up posts to outline them all.

1. Peace & reconciliation.
Assist communities to co-exist peacefully as well as promoting interdependence, and philosophies that promote love, unity & peace.
2.Promoting democracy
Through democracy advocacy, the organisation encourages full participation of women and youth in securing their democratic rights.
3.Poverty eradication
Through empowerment of marginalised communities and availing of resources and suitable enviroment for conducting profitable developmental activities , that help aleviate poverty & suffering.

Once I have out lined the whole project I will then let the interested parties contact me & Jared to arrange the best way you can help out . So please help us to help them, by following on here next post . is good...... Join Us Here If You Care

Allen Sentance

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Fine Young Man On A Mission

Today I would with great pleasure like to introduce the world to an outstanding young man I was fortunate enough to become aquainted with via the internet some 4 months ago. Over this period we have become close friends through various emails and chats on a regular basis through Facebook. At first I must admit with the fraudulant dealings on the internet these days, I was a little concerned with the authenticity of what he was claiming he stood for and so I did as much checking as I needed to.
He came through in my eyes and others as well, with flying colours & I am proud to appologise for doubting him at the time. I also have followed up on some of his recent missions and engagements , where he is currently dedicating himself to a cause that most folks would not attempt & infact too many people tend to ignore.

Over my next few posts I want to dedicate them all to this wonderful young man & let the world know what he is attempting, as I personally am supporting & endorsing him without hesitation. Well my friends this young chap I believe is 29 yrs old, happily married with a one year old beautiful daughter and is well educated in a section of the medical feild I am yet to find out. One of my goals is to asap. meet this young man personally.
No more suspence friends the man I can not speak more highly of , is also a very humble person Jared Akama Ondieki . He lives in Nairobi - Kenya & is the Executive Director of CEPACE TRUST, ( The Centre For Partnership And Civic Engagement Trust)
This organisation is dedicated to the improvement and advancement of democracy, , Peace and human rights issues so as to alleviate all forms of suffering and the promotion of justice, peace and democracy.
The trust aims at developing stragic alliances and partnerships , while fostering comunity engagements through partnering with comunity based organisations, or any other relavent organisations. To not only identify needy areas of assistance , but also pool adequate resourses for the implementation of various programs.

CEPACET is a not for profit , non partisan institution run by a board of Trustee and management, which oversees the day to day activities of the Trust.
It is a fully accountable entity whose activities will always be audited, so as to ensure that all funds and properties serve the objectives of the organisations.

Jared is very heavily involved in making this whole project a success and is off to a great start with some of the projects, which I will outline over the next couple of posts. Meanwhile you are welcome to listen to Jared being interviewed on, blogtalkradio & you should find the widget for this audio interview on the side of my blog. In case it does not work for you here is the web address for the same interview. And I will see you all here next week with more. is good........ Come Join Us Here

Allen Sentance
FISHERMAN use Allen's sponsor ID 106 to join this charity

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Miss My Mom's Unconditional Love

I have just returned home from visiting my dad & catching up with my family and 2 lovely little grandaughters in N.S.W. where I grew up & did my schooling.

Memories Flooded Back
When I visited my dad who still lives in the old fibro 3 bedroom housing commission home , where my 4 sisters & younger brother all grew up . I was the eldest of the 6 children and had a bond with my mother that was like no other & both mom & I were born on the very same date, being the 30th january and it was also her 18th birthday.
Mom passed away 3 yrs ago now and I think I miss her more each day , as she was the foundation I built my life on , she taught me all the principles in life I live by today and am so proud of what I stand for.

Her name was Dawn May & she used to go without many things , including food at times just so the 6 of us never did without , our family never had much money yet both mom & dad loved us kids unconditionally. I could continue this story of my wonderful mother and her lessons of life and turn it into a book which I hope to eventually. Just for now I am going to share something my mom gave to me about 1 yr. before her death which I only found the other day while unpacking from storage some letters and books, perhaps this will help you understand my mom Dawn & why the memories came flooding back.

It Is All Up To You Son , To Make Your Dreams Come True
If you believe in your dreams, and work hard and long towards making them part of your reality, then more than likely you'll acheive whatever dreams you want to come true.
When you believe in something and focus your time and talents towards fulfilling that belief, then as time passes, you will be continually travelling in the right direction. If you have a positive attitude about your life, you have almost everything that you'll ever need.

Hope, faith and believing in good things will lead you on the right path to happiness and success. Challenges will come into your life, but the way that you perceive them will determine how positive or negative they will be in relationship to your life .
If you accept a certain amount of dissapointment, and strive to replace it with optimism and hope, then it will be a strengthening element in your life.

The simple keys to life are those, that you yourself must turn. They are the ones that tell you to expect happiness as well as change, and to make the most out of every day. Be ready to make your dreams come true, because son it is all up to you. -Dena Dilaconi is good...... and my mom made sure of that. I LOVE & MISS YOU MOM

Allen Sentance
Your Dream can start Here

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meet My Best Mate

To day is a special day for me and all of you , for today I want to dedicate this post to my best mate and wife of 36 yrs and introduce her to you all . I am sure you have heard the saying that behind every man there is a successfull woman , well her name is Sandra ( nanny ) as the grandkids & her friends call her.
I could write an encyclopedia about how wonderful she is and still not manage to explain how much of a difference she has made to peoples lives over the 36 years I have been with her. She gave life to our 4 children and now continues to fuss over them and they are all grown with their own families. Our 10 grandchildren absolutely adore Nanny and their smiles when they see her would often put a lump in my throat .
These days are the great days , as we now are the greatest of mates and I am not here to say we never had any challenges in the past, infact some of the drama's we were put through over the years would have destroyed others & I would rather not go there , other than to say Sandra was always there to support whoever needed it .
We have been married 36 yrs and we were remarried after 20yrs when we re-did our vowes with a complete wedding service , ceremony & another certificate. We often joke to friends that we have both been married twice , then tell them it was to the same person.
I mentioned in my last post that she is the person who keeps me from wandering off track, and I am more than gratefull for her guidance and support over the years as I was quite a wild young man up until I was tamed at the age of around 28 . For it was around that time that her never ending love for me showed me that I was one of the luckiest men alive and it was then that I began to truly fall deeply in love with my sweetheart . Sandra is not only my wife & best mate , she is my soul mate and life.
Thank you so much Sandra for just being Sandra ( Nanny ) & I love you dearly. you all know Sandra & why life is so good........... Come Join Us

Allen Sentance
start your 21st
Century Education

Friday, October 17, 2008

My MINDSET Matters

What a difference your thoughts can make to your life was one of the first things I discovered as I progressed with my 21st century education . Now I look back over the last 6 months & realise where I have come amazes me especially knowing that all I did to start was chamge the way I thought about things .

When you hear that word MINDSET all it is saying is that your thoughts create what you constantly think about or focus on. I used to focus on what most people do , not having enough money, what if I lose my job , I can't afford it, no one ever helps me , the government is overtaxing us & thats what I kept getting , because it was all I kept thinking about and focusing on .

Now can you see why in excess of 90% of people are struggling in life , it is the way 90% of the population thinks , they are caught up in this doom & gloom perception of the world. All they have to do is re-focus and change their perceptions of what is and in a short time their lifes situation begins to change. I had heard all this preached to me on many occasions at seminars and from other successfull people and thought to myself that it was all bull s***t , then after bashing my head on brick walls in search of a better way for years I started to listen .
I still have a long way to go to acheive my lifes ambitions & goals , the things I have strived for for years are now in view and I know it is only time now for them to come to fruition.
All I did differently was to change my thinking work on my personal development , then focus on what I want to acheive in life & I have goal posters & vision boards all over my house now even in the dunny.
You need to decide now if what I am saying about the power of your MINDSET is really bull s**t or not , Trust me I am now a converted true believer. The things that have been set up and the opportunities that have come our way in the past 6 months are all in line with what my goals are , also one thing I have on my vision board directly above my computer has already come true .
Another thing that I now understand is the power of the universe and how it all works , & I am now more at peace with myself than I have ever been and where I saw life as a constant struggle in the past I now look forward to every day with the passion of helping others discover the same path.
Well guy's I will introduce you to my best mate & Wife of 36 yrs in my next post, so you can see who keeps me on the straight and narrow when I wander. Her name is Sandra and she is just Beautiful . Please leave me a comment and I will catch you all next post. is good.............. Come Join Me

Allen Sentance

Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

One of the main things that Jamie consistently emphasised was mindset and at first I had trouble grasping , what he meant exactly by mindset. He goes on to explain that the main reason people aren't wealthy in todays economy is a direct connection to their mindset & the way they perceive things. Let me explain as best I can to what he means by all this, he says that that the 80/20 rule applies and that 80% is mindset while the other 20% is strategy.
Most people want to be financially free and what holds them back is they put their emphasis on th 20% of the wealth equation then neglect the 80% ,which is the mindset. In other words they are saying show me the money don't worry about this mindset stuff, I've heard it all before comon show me the money. You need to change your perception of the way things are , a good example to explain this is.........every decision you have made in the past has gotten you to where you are today !! OK so if you are not happy where you are financially or otherwise today , then it is obvious you need to make changes to the way you perceive things and make your decisions, it is that black & white.

The definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over & over again the same old way, then expecting adifferent result.

I do speak with authority on this now as I was one who at first said , look just show me the money, also at 57 yrs old I also came to the realisation that if hard work made you rich then I should be a millionaire retired. As I was still working 60 hrs a week at 57yrs old something was horribly wrong.
Yes guy's are you grasping what mindset is about now, so the penny dropped for me I had to develop a different way of thinking to get a different result. Now this was going to involve personal development and an alteration to the way I perceived things. I hope I am not losing anyone with this mindset stuff as it is the key and in my next post I would like to take you a little further down this track and explain some of the results I am getting.

Take care leave a comment and we will see you back for the continuation. is good........ Come Join Me

Allen Sentance

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

Welcome back to how the FISHERMAN started his 21st century education , and thank you for your interest in a 57 yr old grandfather of 10. So this will show you all the power of Google ads when used & placed properly , by being placed next to where I was looking (real estate ) I managed to get inquisitive enough to click on one that said fill out your name & email and we will forward you our FREE!! DVD.
The keyword was FREE , as you know we all respond to something for free & not only that they said it was valued at $97 and I could also download an e-book for FREE as well, man what a bargain I had to get this even if I didn't need it & yes you know exactly what I am talking about don't you??........... Anyhow moving on , about a week later the video turned up and I had actually forgotten all about it and had to think for a while what it was & who had sent this.

This DVD was by Jamie McIntyre & the ebook was called What I Didn't Learn AT School But Wish I Had . That night I sat down to watch my new dvd to see what these guy's were spruking al about , you see I was very very sceptical as like alot of others I had tried various things over the years & was thinking this was just another one . Thank god I was still open minded enough to at least watch it and give Jamie McIntyre a fair hearing, I finished watching it and then replayed it imediately .

What I had just seen made so much sence I could not believe that a man could work all his life to try & get ahead, while all the time this kind of education was out there & not being offered to me. Like what Jamie says in his e-book What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had it still rings in my head today and I feel now it is a crime that the Education system fails to incorporate this into schools.

Now friends lets leave it at that for today as with the next post I want to give an outline of some of the things Jamie points out and teaches , for these are the things that have changed my life and have me on one heck of a journey. Please leave me a comment as it helps me to know who else is still working & making some one else wealthy. is good........... come join me
Allen Sentance

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

This is where we pickup on the Fisherman going shopping for a computer to turn his life around. Well Harvey Norman it was & I had no Idea of what I needed , so when the guy in the shop said can I help you sir I came straight back with , yes I want a computer mate. He said fine we have a large range here what exactly were you wanting to do with it ? well mate I want to be able to surf the internet & find cashflow properties to make me wealthy and then I can retire. Hmmmm! this guy said and how much do you want to pay ? as little as possible, I replied & how much are they anyhow?

I won't drag this hillarious story out , as it went on for quite a while I just wanted to point out to you all my elabourite knowlege of computers. Any how I ended up parting with $1,180-00 (rip off) and taking my nice new Acer lap top computer home.

Thank god for my darling wifes knowlege of computers, I almost drove her mad trying to learn how to use this thing. She perservered god love her & managed after about 2 days to get me logging onto the net , which made me happy. now all I had to do was find real estate which would give me cashflow positive properties to rent, just like Robert Kiyosaki taught in his book. Boy was I in for a shock, after about 3 days & nights on the computer gatting blurry eyed and looking at 36,365,872,487,005 real estate listings. I finally decided this was not for me & Real Estate was not as easy as they made out.

Little did I know those 3 days on the computer, totally frustrated and a little agitated grrrrur!! was about to change the whole course of my life and for this I will be forever gratefull. Can you half guess what I did while I was surfing the net?? thats write I became inquisitive as to what all these little white ads were that kept saying become wealthy, retire young, get rich over night , financial freedom, you know all about Google ads & I never.

Well folks drop in on my next post and I want to share this further with you all, and meantime take care leave some comments & will see you soon. is good..... come join me

Allen Sentance

Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

Well let's carry on from where we were last post, by this stage I had established that what I had been doing for the past 35 years, although it was giving me a comfortable life while ever I kept working it was not going to furnish my retirement needs. I would have to leave the industrial mentality and accept & learn the 21st century information age if I wanted to acheive any kind of security .

You see I had fallen behind in the modern world and needed to catch up to it as soon as possible, I decided to change and knew that if I would commit to what was needed that I could maybe manage to grab the 21stcentury by the tail & hang on. Although this was going to be difficult at 57 yrs old I have always managed to enjoy taking on new challenges, and this no doubt was going to be quite a challenge. I knew though that this could be learnt and it was possible and thats all I needed to know, the rest was up to me.

It hurts a little to know that if only I had been taught this at school, I would not have wasted 30 years of my life doing what I thought was the wright thing, when all I was really doing was feeding my family & making someone else wealthy. Anyhow thats in the past and I have no hope of changing that, so I now need to focus on what I can change which is my future. At that stage of my life I was considered as computer illiterate and could not even text message on a phone, so first step was to get myself a computer and start.

Then I went to Harvey Norman & said I need a computer starts to get a bit funny from here so I will leave it for the next post. Please join me back here, leave a comment if any of this saga sounds familiar. is good..... come join me

Allen Sentance

Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

Darwin Harbour at Sunset

Moving From Book to Book.........

As I stated in my last post, Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad had pretty much shaken my foundations & created a great deal of interest in what he was claiming, so I was now on a mission to find out more. The next book was Why We Want You To Be Rich by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki , this book gave the same story by both men only with a lot more enphasis on how the average person was going to be affected within the next 10 years.

They both discussed at length & then agreed that if the average person did not get an information age (21st century) education & become financially literate so they could manage their own finances, then they would be looking at a very bleak future especially at retirement.

So the penny started to drop for me & I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I could see that working my guts out was only going to make some one else wealthy while I was getting older, starting to burn out with not enough money put away to fund my retirement.

Yes 30 yrs ago you could work your gut's out & make big money which I did , not any more though. I ended up reading 13 of Roberts books and it was starting to become much clearer to me that his claims had very good authority as I did a lot of verification checking on what he was saying.

Well in my next post I aim to explain where I went from this point....see you then. is good....... join me here

Allen Sentance

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

About 12 months ago I was introduced to a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki , the information it contained quite frankly was hard for me to believe at first. You see I was taught to get a good education, then get a good job & work hard so I could have anything I needed and would live a good life.

I managed to acheive all of those with a lot of commitment as I am a very proud person, & was never affraid of hard work, the information in this book basicly says that do all these things is a good start , and thats all it is a start. Robert explains that to become financially successful in the 21st century you need to abort the industrial age of thinking & adopt and learn the information age strategies.

That realy got me thinking, because although I had a good education, job, business & worked bloody hard for 35 years, being honest with myself I was not much further ahead than when I started. So that made me inquisitive enough to get more books & information to verify these claims.

In my next few posts over the next week or so I want to share my findings with you all as they have been truly life changing, and you need to see them for yourself. is good....... join me here

Allen Sentance


Monday, September 15, 2008

NATURE AND ME ......are good mates

Well today is sunday, not a lot on so I decided to turn totally off from the world leave the fishing gear at home and go on a 6km bush walk along the Adelaide river. This is a beautiful little river & I am fortunate enough to have it within walking distance of my home in the N.T. The wild life and birds you see and hear along this river, are just beautiful & if you take your time to observe nature in its glory you actually enter another world that the average person never takes the time to experience .......their too caught up in the routine of life (rat race) rushing too and fro.

To me nature is my mate, all my life even as a child outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking became my way of being at peace with myself & the world, many of my challenges in life have been sorted out while on my own sitting in secluded bush settings usually with a river or strem running nearby, I truly believe that the universe has unbelievable power that you can draw from through being in touch with nature. So yes today was quite a special day..........because me and my life long companion , NATURE spent some time together.

How long since you really stopped took a look around you and appreciated the true things in a bird singing
a baby sleeping
turned off the tv and kicked ball with the kids

Take the time to enjoy what you have and what is around you, before time itself takes you & wether you like to accept it or not ........time gets us all in the end. is good.......

Allen Sentance

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ALLEN SENTANCE .....loves his fishing

Whenever I get a spare moment & can sneak away from the everyday grind I will grab a rod, half a dozen of my favorite lures and I'm gone. I catch plenty of fish regularly & this is only
part of my reason for my love of fishing, just to be outdoors in nature where it is so peaceful means more to me than the actual catching of fish. The freedom & lifestyle that fishing presents for me has alway's kept me going back whether I catch fish or not.

Only a true fisherman knows what I am talking about , when I was young I would actually wagg from school to go fishing, unfortunately Mum got to know my spots but she was great & never made too big a deal of it other than to say , get your butt into gear & get back to school.
My mum was a great fishing buddy & came with me regularly over the years, she has since past away at age 72 & when I am fishing now memories flood back of the days we would go camping and fishing on the river. Keep an eye on my blog & let me know of some of your fond fishing memories,or leave a comment until my next post which will be soon .....tight lines. is good......
Allen Sentance


Hello all, can you please bare with me for a while as I am having some minor problems setting up this my first blog.
Please ignore some of this first section as I AM persevering & running some test blogs then we can hit the road & let you know all about Allen Sentance.
I am not going to delete any of this my first work, as I want to look back on this post in years to come and get a giggle ,just as you guy's probably are right now .
Some might even say, one small step for mankind and I would say one HUGE step for Allen Sentance, sorry folks but I am so proud of myself at the moment & it sounds stupid,but will alway's remember my very first blog post as I entered the world of the Internet.
Iwould appreciate any comments from others who can remember their first post and any associated stories they can remember also it will give me a boost to know to know others actually read my very first blog post. is good........

Allen Sentance

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