Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

Well let's carry on from where we were last post, by this stage I had established that what I had been doing for the past 35 years, although it was giving me a comfortable life while ever I kept working it was not going to furnish my retirement needs. I would have to leave the industrial mentality and accept & learn the 21st century information age if I wanted to acheive any kind of security .

You see I had fallen behind in the modern world and needed to catch up to it as soon as possible, I decided to change and knew that if I would commit to what was needed that I could maybe manage to grab the 21stcentury by the tail & hang on. Although this was going to be difficult at 57 yrs old I have always managed to enjoy taking on new challenges, and this no doubt was going to be quite a challenge. I knew though that this could be learnt and it was possible and thats all I needed to know, the rest was up to me.

It hurts a little to know that if only I had been taught this at school, I would not have wasted 30 years of my life doing what I thought was the wright thing, when all I was really doing was feeding my family & making someone else wealthy. Anyhow thats in the past and I have no hope of changing that, so I now need to focus on what I can change which is my future. At that stage of my life I was considered as computer illiterate and could not even text message on a phone, so first step was to get myself a computer and start.

Then I went to Harvey Norman & said I need a computer starts to get a bit funny from here so I will leave it for the next post. Please join me back here, leave a comment if any of this saga sounds familiar. is good..... come join me

Allen Sentance

Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

Darwin Harbour at Sunset

Moving From Book to Book.........

As I stated in my last post, Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad had pretty much shaken my foundations & created a great deal of interest in what he was claiming, so I was now on a mission to find out more. The next book was Why We Want You To Be Rich by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki , this book gave the same story by both men only with a lot more enphasis on how the average person was going to be affected within the next 10 years.

They both discussed at length & then agreed that if the average person did not get an information age (21st century) education & become financially literate so they could manage their own finances, then they would be looking at a very bleak future especially at retirement.

So the penny started to drop for me & I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I could see that working my guts out was only going to make some one else wealthy while I was getting older, starting to burn out with not enough money put away to fund my retirement.

Yes 30 yrs ago you could work your gut's out & make big money which I did , not any more though. I ended up reading 13 of Roberts books and it was starting to become much clearer to me that his claims had very good authority as I did a lot of verification checking on what he was saying.

Well in my next post I aim to explain where I went from this point....see you then. is good....... join me here

Allen Sentance

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

About 12 months ago I was introduced to a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki , the information it contained quite frankly was hard for me to believe at first. You see I was taught to get a good education, then get a good job & work hard so I could have anything I needed and would live a good life.

I managed to acheive all of those with a lot of commitment as I am a very proud person, & was never affraid of hard work, the information in this book basicly says that do all these things is a good start , and thats all it is a start. Robert explains that to become financially successful in the 21st century you need to abort the industrial age of thinking & adopt and learn the information age strategies.

That realy got me thinking, because although I had a good education, job, business & worked bloody hard for 35 years, being honest with myself I was not much further ahead than when I started. So that made me inquisitive enough to get more books & information to verify these claims.

In my next few posts over the next week or so I want to share my findings with you all as they have been truly life changing, and you need to see them for yourself. is good....... join me here

Allen Sentance


Monday, September 15, 2008

NATURE AND ME ......are good mates

Well today is sunday, not a lot on so I decided to turn totally off from the world leave the fishing gear at home and go on a 6km bush walk along the Adelaide river. This is a beautiful little river & I am fortunate enough to have it within walking distance of my home in the N.T. The wild life and birds you see and hear along this river, are just beautiful & if you take your time to observe nature in its glory you actually enter another world that the average person never takes the time to experience .......their too caught up in the routine of life (rat race) rushing too and fro.

To me nature is my mate, all my life even as a child outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking became my way of being at peace with myself & the world, many of my challenges in life have been sorted out while on my own sitting in secluded bush settings usually with a river or strem running nearby, I truly believe that the universe has unbelievable power that you can draw from through being in touch with nature. So yes today was quite a special day..........because me and my life long companion , NATURE spent some time together.

How long since you really stopped took a look around you and appreciated the true things in a bird singing
a baby sleeping
turned off the tv and kicked ball with the kids

Take the time to enjoy what you have and what is around you, before time itself takes you & wether you like to accept it or not ........time gets us all in the end. is good.......

Allen Sentance

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ALLEN SENTANCE .....loves his fishing

Whenever I get a spare moment & can sneak away from the everyday grind I will grab a rod, half a dozen of my favorite lures and I'm gone. I catch plenty of fish regularly & this is only
part of my reason for my love of fishing, just to be outdoors in nature where it is so peaceful means more to me than the actual catching of fish. The freedom & lifestyle that fishing presents for me has alway's kept me going back whether I catch fish or not.

Only a true fisherman knows what I am talking about , when I was young I would actually wagg from school to go fishing, unfortunately Mum got to know my spots but she was great & never made too big a deal of it other than to say , get your butt into gear & get back to school.
My mum was a great fishing buddy & came with me regularly over the years, she has since past away at age 72 & when I am fishing now memories flood back of the days we would go camping and fishing on the river. Keep an eye on my blog & let me know of some of your fond fishing memories,or leave a comment until my next post which will be soon .....tight lines. is good......
Allen Sentance


Hello all, can you please bare with me for a while as I am having some minor problems setting up this my first blog.
Please ignore some of this first section as I AM persevering & running some test blogs then we can hit the road & let you know all about Allen Sentance.
I am not going to delete any of this my first work, as I want to look back on this post in years to come and get a giggle ,just as you guy's probably are right now .
Some might even say, one small step for mankind and I would say one HUGE step for Allen Sentance, sorry folks but I am so proud of myself at the moment & it sounds stupid,but will alway's remember my very first blog post as I entered the world of the Internet.
Iwould appreciate any comments from others who can remember their first post and any associated stories they can remember also it will give me a boost to know to know others actually read my very first blog post. is good........

Allen Sentance

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