Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Wet Season in it's Glory

Well just like most of you we had a great christmas , catching up with lots of friends & family. All our children are grown so Sandra & I got to visit our sons house christmas morning to watch the big event of wide eyed children receiving presents from under the christmas tree.
From there we visited a few of our close friends in the city of Darwin & headed back home to where we live 100km from Darwin at a village called Adelaide River, which is our little paradise surrounded by beauty & nature and is situated on the actual Adelaide river.
This time of year is our wet season in the northern territory of Australia & it is the best time of year in my opinion as nature puts on a magnificent display of what this universe truly has to offer us. To me the feeling of being alive is strongest when I become engaged with nature first hand.
So over christmas & new year I sat back, relaxed and watched many storms with the heavy rain on the tin roof and the absolutely amazing lightening displays which can be scary at times for some , I personally get an adrenalin rush from it all and like I said before I feel so alive.

Most of the storms are in the evenings, so I go on my early morning walks along the river bank, totally surrounded by birds , trees and nature in aother one of her magic routines of beauty. Sandra & I found this little paradise on our travels only 2yrs ago and I now know why we have bought a home here and settled.
Twice over christmas my friend and I went fishing within 10 km of home and caught barramundi & native perch as well as some nice black bream. Then we also went wild pig hunting with in 10km of home and caught 4 pigs , as I am an outdoors person who loves nature & loves storms , this is why I love where I live.

There is so much beauty in the northen territory in the wet season which the average tourist never gets to experience because they only come here in the dry season, when the countryside is dry and very little of natures best are on display.
I would like to share more of my paradise with you all over this year so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts from time to time when I want to take you on a tour of what I now call my home and back yard.

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL and see you soon..... life is good.......

Allen Sentance
P.S. Remember To Consider The Children

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