Friday, March 20, 2009

Without Struggle You Will Not Evolve

Fisherman welcomes you all once again to yet another inspirational person and wants to share with you all a message he recieved to-day from this close friend in Kenya. The man I am speaking of is to the right here, he is Jared Akama Ondieki. What he has in common with the other two on the left is they are of all the same background , the two on the left are in fact already very great and respected leaders.

What I want to point out to you all here is that they and Jared all started out with a VISION ..... Jared also has a vision and is only 30 yrs old. He wants to lead his people in Kenya to true freedom and peace, and intends to achieve this goal in the near future. At the moment he is working to save starving & orphaned Children.
This Is His Message Today

Subject: Dear Member
Dear Friends,

Where did the week go!
It's Friday!
I hope and trust that the week was great as I wish you a great weekend ahead.

As I went on with my daily work this week,I thought about you and wondered what you were doing at the time and the following story came to my mind,read this:-

A man was confined to a bed for months.On his windowsill,there was a cocoon going through the motions as nature took its course,the butterfly inside struggled to emerge.But it was a long,painful and hard battle.
As hours passed,the struggling insect made no progress.
And at this Point,the man felt sorry for the poor insect and decided to help.He took a pair of scissors and snipped the opening of the cocoon larger.The butterfly crawled out,but that is all it ever did-Crawl.

The Pressure of the struggle was meant to strengthen it's wings and give them life.However the cleverness and mercy this human batched the birth.It was a stunted abortion!

* So friends remember....Without Struggle You Will Not Evolve.

Wonderful people,it is my hope that all this Economic,social and Political Problems we are facing today are meant to make us stronger and emerge Victor and never to crawl in issues of life,I am sure after all this we will emerge United and stay close to each other always as we are already doing.

Let Peace,Interdependence and Love be the outcome of our struggle for we shall have come out strong and full of life.

You are all my brothers and Sisters and I will always stay close to you in spirit.Kindly lets invite more people to join us as we work together towards our common goals for the people and the children.



Jared Akama Ondieki.
I am very proud and honored to have him as my now personal friend, and we have combined our efforts from this point on to help and save as many of the underprivilaged, starving & orphaned children as we can. I have already set up a friendship program for the orphaned children already in jareds care at the orphanage.
From here we will be working towards raising the funds to set Jared and the orphanages school up with a computer ,printer and associated equiptment to help in the education and co-ordination of all future programs we intend to implement.

Should you feel you can assist us in any way please contact myself on this email and I will let you know how you can help.

The Fisherman says until our next meeting remember Without Struggle You Will Not Evolve, and thank you for reading his post.

Allen Sentance


Shiananda said...

Jared is an inspirational man and he is already recognized for his wonderful contributions to those less fortunate: to animals and to people.

Thank you Jared for your wonderful vision and thank you to his dear frind for sharing this beautiful tribute.

Amanda Daniell

AllenSentance said...

Thank you for your Kind words Shiananda, you too must admire this man. He is truly an inspiration and I really hope we can help him continue his wonderful work and get him the computer, he so badly needs.

Allen Sentance