Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter With Family and Grandchildren

Hello to all the folks who follow my blog, as you may have noticed by now I am a very family conscious person. Easter With Family and Grandchildren is always a special time for my wife Sandra and I , it is one of the times in the year we usually get together. For me personally I like to sit back and watch the young grand kid's having fun and some times even fighting with each other as kids do, you can observe all the different personalities they each have or are developing. Do you have special memories of easter time with your family as you were growing up, for our family as I grew up it always meant camping & fishing some where in the bushland or a special spot on the river.

We were taught as children at sunday school exactly what easter really was for , and we have always honored that tradition. As a working man my father had very little time off to do anything more than take us into the bush for the day catching rabbits to eat and feed the family. So easter was one of the times we had 3 full days for the easter break and so we would take full advantage of the time to make it special and quality time as a family.

I was the eldest of six children and we at the time could not afford expensive trips or holidays, and that never ever worried me, as my childhood is full of wonderful memories of the times we all spent as a family usually in the bush around nature either catching fish or rabbits which for a young boy growing up was an adventure and always exciting. No wonder today at 58 I still go fishing and love to camp in the bush, it is without a doubt the thing I love most , and I am at peace when I am with my best mate NATURE.

In the photo above you can see an adult playing in the shallows with his 4 children, he is my 33 yr old son who is a Sgt in the army at Darwin Australia, and the 4 children are his , 2 lovely little girls Chandelle & Kate . He also has the twin boys who are 5 there my future fishing mates, so I am teaching them how to fish and we go to the river often. That photo basicly is a replica or indication of me growing up, I would spend the time with the 4 children I had, camped out some where enjoying nature. So that photo shows how my son Fred has it instilled in him what I used to do with him and what my dad did with me, that to me is special.

The river you see there is 1km from my house where Sandra & I currently live, in a small Village called Adelaide River and you guessed it , this is in fact the Adelaide River also. It is located 100km south of Darwin on the stuart hwy and has about 200 residents. A beautiful picturesque quite little village, in the middle of NATURE with all the modern day services and a great place to go fishing, camping,swiming or even pig hunting if you like.

Now you know why I , the Fisherman as all my friends know me lives where he lives & until the day you pay me a visit so I can have the pleasure of showing you around my back yard, you just will never know what you are missing. We are also blessed to have our baby , Donald who is 26 and lives in Darwin with his wife Leslie and their 2 children, Andrew 5 and little girl Calin 1. I want to at this stage put another photo of some out doors on the river with us fishing.

Here my good friends is the terrible
twins Mitchell & Briley , they had a
ball this day and they caught more
fish than Poppy. Now I have been told
by on good authority that there is most
likely going to be an invasion on our
place with 6 grandchildren coming
friday and saturday. I am prepared
and will take them all down to the river, so we can have some fun together as
the mothers catch up on the gossip.

Well while you all think of the great memories you had as a child at easter time when you ate that much chocolate you were sick, and wished easter was over I will do a quick head count of who we expect as family to visit us. My son Fred & wife Kim and their 4 children, my other son Don & wife lesley with their 2 children. That is a grand total of 10 visiting family members plus myself and my darling wife Sandra, so our Easter With Family and Grandchildren is going to be a grand and traditional easter. May you all have a wonderful easter of you own and with who you love. is good....... try some this easter, until my next post take care.

Allen Sentance

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angesbiz said...

WOW Fisherman, you and Nanny must have been quite busy sharing with your family over Easter. Those photo's and memories will love on for a long time yet.

You're very blessed to have them that's for sure and the traditions you are carrying over from your father to your children and grandchildren is fantastic.

Now I'm waiting on your Vanuatu post and looking forward to some "stories" and what you all got up to while enjoying the hospitality of those lovely islanders.

Many Blessings...