Monday, October 12, 2009

Dry Season Over in The Top End

The Top End - Dry Season Ending

Hello again my friends and readers of the universe, to-day we will as I said previous, take a further look at some area's that the Fisherman has been. The photo above is an aboriginal Painting from the walls of the Katherine River Gorge, which is a stunning place to visit should you ever get the chance to visit the Top End of Australia . These beautiful paintings are a big part of Australia's heritage, and can be seen in in many historical locations around the Top End .

Dry Season Almost Over

You will get your 4 seasons in The Top End , just like clockwork and the difference to other area's is that , The Top End seasons do not vary much in temperature from minimum to maximum . What is unique to the Northern Territory of Australia is our wet season , that very few tourists get to see . Most tourists hear about how wet it gets and high tail it out , fearing they will get stuck here , which was the case years ago.

Today you can drive from Adelaide in the south of Australia all the way to Darwin at the very top of Australia all year round , or alternatively as I would suggest to any one planning a visit here , fly to Darwin . We have a great international airport just 15 km out of Darwin city , from there I suggest hiring a vehicle and visiting most of the amazing wonderful places . When complete you fly back home, and the savings on fuel alone from driving here will cover the cost of car hire easily, and you get to enjoy more time here. Only my opinion , others may argue with that .

The Famous Daly River Crossing


This is a shot of the Daly River crossing where you cross in the dry season to get to Port Keats and the famous village Pepperminadi . Once the wet arrives the river floods and cuts these places off from vehicles . Your only access then is by small charter plane to Port Keats .
The town ship of Daly River itself is on the immediate river bank before you cross the Daly River, it has a hotel with a small van park and some cabins . The police station is there also , as well as some basic supplies at the small store.

The mighty Daly River however is a lot more famous for the annual Barramundi Fishing Classic , which attracts competitors from around the country and the world. I will perhaps at a later stage do a blog post just about this famous classic, so keep an eye out for that post . We best get back to talking about the Dry Season Almost Over in The Top End .

Tourist Times
The Northern Territory top end has a thriving tourist industry , which come from all over the world, and people in Australia doing their famous around Australia Trip, usually towing a caravan . The influx of tourists start at the end of the wet season around April-May, when the runoff is happening and they begin to catch big barramundi as the waters begin to recede from the flooded country area's.

From this time until Sept-October is called the dry season , and mark my words it gets very dry, not a speck of rain until the build up period starts. This will start October when you begin to see all the tourists and caravans heading south , because of the build up humidity that some folks can't handle , and the inevitable wet season that is here from mid December through to March. Personally the dry season for me becomes monotonous and boring , almost 4 months of sunshine and no rain.

Our main Tourist attractions "Crocodiles"


We do have a large number of crocodiles here in The Top End, and in fact we usually have a couple of fatal attacks on people silly enough to put themselves in a vulnerable situation . I do a lot of fishing in the area and regularly see croc's while I am fishing, they are only dangerous if you are stupid . My love of the Top End of Australia grows stronger every year as I experience all it has to offer each and every day.

I was a plumbing contractor and worked 6 days a week , until I made the decision to retire from plumbing which took up all my time with no time left to enjoy life. A good friend of mine Sean Rasmussen has taught me how to replace my income , by becoming an online internet business man . I now am running this from home with my wife , so I no longer have to go out working, and I now enjoy the luxury of true freedom, doing what I want and when I want. Fishing usually 3 days per week .

My Latest Catch a 70 cm Barramundi


So we now come to the end of this post, and I hope you now are getting a picture of just some of the beautiful places around The Top End . I will be bringing you lots more as the weeks go by and I am looking forward to giving you some video clips of our magical tropical thunderstorms . Now with the Dry Season Almost Over in The Top End we bid the straggling tourists goodbye and we get ready for the build up.

Allen Sentance