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Allen Sentance Fisherman Country Australia

Allen Sentance Fisherman Country

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G'day again to my wonderful friends and loyal readers, I want to change direction with my next few posts to give you all an idea of what sort of an area I currently live in and some of the area's I have been since I moved to the Northern Territory Australia almost 6 years ago. Allen Sentance Fisherman Country Australia would have to be among one of the most exciting area's in Australia to visit , and I happen to be fortunate enough to live here.

Some Amazing Sunsets
My wife Sandra and I regularly watch the sunsets and sunrises , as mother nature always has a unique way of performing her beauty here in the top end of Australia where man to date has not interfered too much. I will share a couple of sunset photos with you and just note how breath taking they are, it is a common site of beauty that appears to be more regular in the top end as opposed to southern area's.

Fisherman Country
As most of my readers and friends will know , my name is Allen Sentance and I love fishing so much,my friends call and know me as Fisherman.My love for fishing , camping, nature and the out doors has played a big part in why I have moved here and settled to eventually retire .



I live in a small village of around 200 people, just 100 kilometers south of Darwin in the northern territory of Australia. This village is called "Adelaide River" and is in fact, on the banks of the river of the very same name . The beautiful sunsets we experience here are at times breath taking, and I have another Photo Blog where I feature a lot of these sunsets , called Vigars Photos which I would love you to also visit and enjoy.

For my Global Readers

The map of Australia above for those that are not as familiar with Australia is divided into, 6 states and two Territories.
States as follows

Western Australia
- for obvious reasons, Perth is the capital.
South Australia - for obvious reasons, Adelaide is the capital
Tasmania - is an island and state off Australia , below the mainland R/H bottom side, Hobart is the capital.
Victoria - is at the bottom R/H side of the mainland, Melbourne is the capital.
New South Wales - the eastern centre state of which Sydney is the capital.
Queensland - the top eastern state where we have the Gold Coast and Brisbane city as well as The Great Barrier Reef.
Australian Capital Territory - 300 kilometers inland from Sydney A.C.T. - Canberra is the capital.
Northern Territory - very top centre of Australia and Darwin being the capital.

Now you are perhaps a little more familiar with where I live, I will proceed over the coming weeks to try and introduce you to some of the wonderful locations I have travelled and experienced. I must admit I could never imagine living away from water where I could not go fishing, and therefore you must understand why I like to refer my life and travels as , Allen Sentance Fisherman Country Australia.

Hey.......Life Is Good.......

Allen Sentance


Bani Pera said...

Good to know that I am not alone in the Northern territory. I am up in Darwin and have been for 2.5 years. Great pics

Glynis said...

I love sunsets! I enjoyed learning about your country, thanks.

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear Allen,

Thank you for the magnificent pictures from your Country. Much enjoyed browsing through your blog, will be back again soon.

Merry Christmas my lovely on line friend, say hello to your darling wife from me.

I wished we had warm weather the one you have there.

Best wishes from Zuzanna Musial