Friday, March 12, 2010

Mother Nature And Earth Week-part two-

Life Is Good

Welcome friends to my part two of Mother Nature And Earth Week.

Carrying on from last post, I want to let you all know that I feel, far too many people do not accept that, our planet is struggling to handle the abuse that us humans are dishing out. I base my opinions,not on government survey's and reports . My opinions are purely based upon my observations over 55 years of living and working in nature. Just as the picture above indicates Life Is Good and we can keep it that way.

My Observations

After growing up in Dubbo , a wheat and sheep country farming district, that was quite productive back in the 50's and 60's . Then farms from Dubbo and further west into the far west of the state, began to develop flood irrigation and the growing of cotton. First came the problem of salinity that began to kill native gum tree's because the flood irrigation caused the salts to rise to the surface.

This was followed by the mass clearing of forest's and bush lands, to further develop for more growing area and open irrigation channels. The governments then saw the benefit of the dollars for our country, and supported this raping of the country, by over issuing water allocation licenses. Obviously with no consideration of the damage to our waterways and rivers. We will need Mother Nature And Earth Week to help us turn all this around, and it is going to be a long dedicated process.

Today farmers are committing suicide or going bankrupt due to the 10 yrs of drought they're experiencing in the west of the state. Some may argue this ,yet I truly am of the belief , Mother Nature always supplies enough water to irrigate her trees and plants. Now with so much open cleared ground , Mother Nature is treating the area's as deserts, and how often do you see rain in a desert ? always in forested area's only.


Native Fish Disappearing

Now here's a subject I am very concerned about, for as a person who grew up on the rivers camping and fishing, I again speak from first hand experiences. A man could catch enough fish on one fishing line, in an afternoon or morning , to feed a family of 6 for a week. Seriously now you would spend 6 days to catch that many fish, and there would be none at all if the fisheries did not restock waterways with fingerlings.

This has all been proven and documented as being a direct result of, flood irrigation channels along with the introduction of the European Carp to help keep the channels free from weeds and grasses. They did a wonderful job , yet we cannot get rid of them now, and they are taking over our waterways. It appears all decisions by governments are based around $ dollars $ and not the consequences of the country or us.

We Need To Change Now

How long will it take ? for man to realise that god created this earth, for us to cherish and not despise . That the mountains ,lakes and rivers were meant to form a paradise, now these and many wonders are falling prey to mans devices. It seems to me they are blinded by the $ dollars $ that they seek !!

The Earth Day Network is taking big steps these days, to protect our people and our universe. I want to talk further in my next post about them and how we can all do some thing to change our failing planet. So please take on board some of my personal observations of the last 5o yrs, and look around you to see what is happening in your part of the world. Please leave your comments of your observations, and we will discuss further next post, Mother Nature And Earth Week .

Bye and take care til my next post

Allen Sentance Fisherman


David Lee Y S said...

Very interesting! Yes, how long will man be awake on all these thing? Not sure but I believe the day will arrive...soon.

owl said...

I grow up in the San Joaquin Valley in California. It was dry and hot in the summer, cold and had
tully fog in the winter. It is not dry anymore and you don't get the thick heavy tully fog. You rarely see a butterfly, beetles, dragonflies in the summer. The pollution in the air has increase and so has lung problems.

Back in the 70's when I started the 1st earth day at my local high school I had hope we would change and be good stewarts to this little planet we live on. I don't have that hope today. In the 70's we had 3 billion people on this planet and today we have almost 7 billion we have more than doubled the population. We are destroying the ocean, creating deforestation through out the world, we are losing 150 species to extinction daily need I go on. I do believe we are close to pulling the right string on the spider web for it to collapse.

Lina said...

Hi Allen

Thank you so much for sharing your unique insight into the changes our planet is facing. You've lived such a fruitful life and you have still many more years ahead of you. I hope that your grandchildren and their grandchildren get to see the best of this world too. Being a fisherman, I can only imagine the pain you feel when you observe the impact of our actions on the rivers and the marine life. Thank you for your passion and for helping to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Cade said...

Hi Allen,
This is a topic which is close to my heart too.
Coming from a large family who still live on the land in the Victoria Mallee, I have seen first hand the heart ache the dought has caused.
I also travelled and worked around Australia at the age of 22, which opened my eyes as to the beauty of our great country.
Travelling thru the Murray-Darling Basin, which extend from the mouth of the murray in South Australia into SE Queensland, I was amazed to see how much we take from the river & catchment systems with little regard to the effect on mother nature. Its no wonder there is no water at the Mouth of the Murray. Come on Austalia we need to Wake UP!!

NannyOne said...

This topic is close to the hearts of many,I also grew up in the country, so know all about Mother Nature!