Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mother Nature And Earth Week

Earth Week On Our Planet - 22nd April - 40th Anniversary

Hello my friends from around the world, today I want to touch just a little on Mother Nature And Earth Week. For those who do not know me, I am Allen Sentance (Fisherman) to all my friends, and Mother Nature and I have been good friends for years. I visit her very regularly and blend into her surroundings very quickly.

I think back to when I was a small boy, and my dad would take the whole family out into the bush with nature all around. More times than I can remember, we would camp out under the stars, and catch rabbits and fish to eat. So I became connected to Mother Nature and her magnificent environment , some 50 yrs ago .

Fisherman's Thoughts on Earth Week
I am not going to get up on my soap box and rave on about the good old days, yet I have been around long enough, to have some wonderful memories of our Planet, World, Universe or what ever you like to know it as . Now with 50 yrs experience as a good friend of Mother Nature, I speak with some informed comparisons . Considering Mother Nature And Earth Week !

I will let you all make what you will of my comments, as I am a person who loves to share his opinions. I remember as a boy, all the country rivers running with pristine clean water, other than in flood times. I could walk over the town of Dubbo's traffic bridge, where I grew up and look down into the 6mtrs of water and see the bottom.

The river is barely running, and you will never see the bottom of the river from the bridge. It has basicly over time been turned into an irrigation channel , to supply over allocated water allowances. This water is stored in a massive man built dam, 3.5 times that of Sydney harbour in volume. Man has replaced Nature's influence.

When our family would go camping and fishing , we had forests and tree's in abundance. The wildlife in the corridors of nature's bush land was there to be admired and enjoyed by all. If you had hard times , you could always go out into the bush ,and support your family from Mother Nature.

When you drive out into the country side where I grew up, I would estimate that 90% of all bushland and forests have been cleared . Apart from the old river gum's along river banks and waterways, the country has been turned into cultivation paddocks. This has forced natures animals and creatures to decline , and some are now extinct.

To be continued
I would like very much to continue this article in my next blog post, and explain further my thoughts on the up coming Earth Week . Also I want to outline just how you can can contribute , and help Mother Nature And Earth Week ....

take care & bye, until my next post

Allen Sentance Fisherman


Gemel said...

Our mother weeps at the destruction man has caused her, she offers us the glory of her bounty, to share, to love, to enjoy and to marvel upon, yet very few see her at all.

My wish is to envolk as many to reawaken to their inner connection by sharing my inner most thoughts as they brim to the fore. I join with you in silent celebration of our beautiful mother, quietly asking the Universe to awaken the millions that slumber......

Richard Colum said...

Yes my friend you are so right, we together can make a change lets all get behind this and make it happen.

Rita said...

I too miss those carefree days of 50+ years ago when we thought the creeks and rivers would always be there

Whizzed said...

One certainly wonders at how our world has changed; sadly not for the better it seems to be spiralling out of control