Thursday, December 4, 2008

NEWS FLASH !!!!!! From Jared Akama Ondieki

While I was chatting with Jared this week he informed me of the following, Allen I am now running as KENYA"S Presidential Candidate 2012.
Wow , This young man is so passionate about changing the future for his people & I for one feel his passion which inturn inspires me. He also has set up a small support group & has asked me to be personally involved, an administration position I have accepted.
I will advise you further ,of my role as it all becomes a little clearer. I am just so proud to be able to help Jared as one of my very own passions has been to help children, where & when I can. Jared himself understands his peoples needs as he was very poor and struggled in very bad conditions & slums while young & growing up. He has been actively been involved with helping his people for 8yrs now.

Jared said his calling now is to lead his people, and he is well educated, young, has the VISION required and the support of his people who have grown to trust and respect him. I know all this to be true since becoming involved with Jared as He gets his hands dirty working along side the effected citizens, while at the same time giving them the hope required to continue & without a doubt is a doer, not a talker. So he is genuinely standing for this leadership for his people and no monetory status has entered his mind at all.

I will in the next couple of weeks be starting another blog, especially to keep you all up to date as best I can of Jared's , movements both as a candidate and more importantly his causes.
Then I will be also setting up a support group, which I have discussed with Jared for the children who have been orphaned, deserted or living in poor conditions. To get it up and running quickly before Christmas I have decided to set this new group up internally at my social networking site . Here is the site Called Life Is Good where you join up
Once you have joined Life Is Good then join Jared and me at the new group which we will call "Consider The Children " It is ready to join now and we are still organising the agenda, which we will advise all members of as they join. Also I am hoping Jared is getting back to me shortly with information of a christmas surprise for these children we may be able to all contribute too. I will put this information in the "Consider The Children " group.

Please show your support for Jared by Joining us now and we will have some happy children, if that was all we did for them for christmas, think how much brighter there world would seem just to know that some one cares. is good........ Join Us Here Now

Allen Sentance
p.s.Contact Me personally if any Questions or input

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