Thursday, November 27, 2008

Human Rights & Vulnerable Children

Jared works tirelessly to help young children get a proper education & at least have half a chance in a country where poverty, disease & slums are far too common in this amazing modern world.
I know Jared is only one person , and he is embarking on a mission as I said in a previous post , that most people would rather just turn their back on and pretend that it wasn't there.
I am so proud of this young man who is obviously employing the principle, that everything we set out to do in life has to start with the first step, then the second and third. This in turn is the beginning of any journey & before you know it you will begin to gain momentum just like Jared is now & before long others will join and things will truly begin to change in the lives of people & children who were unfortunate enough to be born into the situation they had no control over !!! just imagine it were you, so please appreciate where you were born and spare at least a thought for them . Also a prayer will help wonders and that costs you nothing.

Sorry folks I am passionate about people who need genuine help & not just a handout, so lets finish off the OBJECTIVES we were outliningin the last post.
4. Address Human Rights Issues ,ranging from ensuring vulnerable children access proper basic needs including education and whatever else is needed to help realise their dreams.
5. Support preservation of Culture, therefore we will initiate programmes that support the preservation of various cultures and values through establishing culteral centres & cultural exchange programmes.
To achieve these objectives, the trust aims at working closely with the government, international organisations, donor institutions, communities & well-wishes.
The Trust has initially targeted three key National activities ; promoting a peace and non violent culture , the writing of a democracy handbook and helping in re-settlement of the displaced. A lot of which was bought about by the just witnessed post-election violence.
CEPACET will be on the frontline of these issues , until peace returns to the affected areas. I will continue with further objectives & proposed projects in my next post so please join me here next week.
Just before I do leave you I want ot introduce you to JARED's FaceBook Profile he has also started & is looking for as many friends as he can to join him... So go there and support him as a good friend, he deserves all the support we can give He is a Visionary who cares for others. is good.......... Come join Us Here

Allen Sentance

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av-enterprise said...

Jared seems to be a very motivated an inspirational person, and many people could take some lessons from his efforts.