Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a Week We Had in Vanuatu Working

Yes friends , our new career meant that both my lovely wife Sandra and I were required to fly to Vanuatu last week and tend to some internet marketing duties that just had to be done. We tried to get out of having to go yet our coach and mentor insisted , we make sure we were there when he arrived .

I have that much respect for Sean and Cherie Rasmussen that there was no way I was about to let them down and watch them struggle with the duties at hand it just would not have been fair. So while I was weighing up that hard decision in my intelligent brain, Sandra had already made all the bookings for flights and accommodation and invited another internet marketing friend Sharon de Bryun to come along and help .

So as I was already out voted and all the arrangements were made, I realised there was no way out of this, so just decided I would have to go to Vanuatu working.
The first thing Sean had us do was to sit down and plan what needed to be done, who was going to do what and how we should go about it all.

This is Scotty , Sharon & Sean sitting around in the Meridean Resort lounge in Vanuatu laying out the duties at hand for us all. Some of the things he wanted me to do were a little unfamiliar for an ex Plumbing contractor and I was not used to this work.
Jobs To Do List At Vanuatu
  • Visit the bar at the pool regularly and drink lots often.
  • Make sure the Pizza was always fresh and on time
  • Always finish the days work with a huge Island coctail
  • Go swimming regularly so as not to overheat and save going to the toilet
  • Take turns holding down the bananna lounges by lying on them
  • Tweeting business messages and then re-tweeting them #followfriday
  • Digging articles and stories to support the business associates
  • Plan the next days events before retiring while we were still sober.
  • last and not least. Eat as much tropical fruit and sea-food as possible
OMG !!
Do we have to do all that while were here I said to Sean, his answer was .....No not while your here that is only what we will do the first 2 days. After that I have a convention planned for us all down on the main beach where we will go over the work we have done , compare notes, drink some more, go sailing on the catamaran. Oh and bring your computers down to the beach as well , we have some more tweeting,digging ,shouting and emails to complete, he said.
The girls tried to escape and go shopping in the village, that's when our trusty guard and tracker caught them sneaking away and bought them back immediately. So Sean gave them extra duties that day, Sandra and Sharon were told to go swimming for an hour and then paddle the surf ski's for another hour as punishment.

We worked hard on all our projects and managed to finish all the required work inside the time allocated, because we were all so hard working Sean & Cherie took us into the village the last night with their two lovely boys and we were shouted a magnifficent meal at an outdoor restaurant on the harbor water front.

You see my friends most folks only dream of a job like this, only 2 yrs ago so did Sandra and I, until we met Sean & Cherie Rasmussen who have taken us under their wing and taught us that Dreams do come true if you want them too. We are still only apprentices in the internet marketing world and still have so much to learn, oh and some more work to do like the Week We Had in Vanuatu Working our little bums off with the internet marketing business.

Both Sandra and I are well on our way to becoming financially free and never having to work physically again in our lives, that has always been our Dream and how good it feels to see it unfolding as a result of lots and lots of hrs and commitment building our internet marketing business. I am in no way boasting here, yet I do hope that those who are looking towards the internet marketing as a way of replacing their income , do so seriously as any one can build a successful business online.

Well thank you all for showing interest in the life and chapters of Allen Sentance, as I have so many more chapters to complete and bring to you all. They will be things I have experienced and achieved through commitment and working hard , and as I leave you all now remember the Week We Had in Vanuatu Working can be any one.

Hey.........Life Is Good........

Allen Sentance


NannyOne said...

What a great post! This is what the internet is all about, meeting new people, working and having fun.
Well Done Fisherman

Kelvinlls said...

Hi Allen,

You are such an inspiration, and I would love to be in your position drinking cocktails and eating seafood and tropical fruit as part of my job. And all the more, being in the company of Sean and Cherie, very inspirational people, would all the more make it special.

Thanks for sharing this post!

angesbiz said...

Hey, are you trying to tell us that you all did some work? Sounds so hard, lol. I don't know if I would have had the energy ;=) Well done for coping with all the pressure!

DreamOn said...

Hey Allen sounds like you got up a real sweat trying not too get to hot. What a wonderful time you all had jsut the lifestyle we internet marketers are hear to have. A life of freedom and fun. Hey you are right Life is Good. Blessings Jenny