Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nature Trek in Vanuatu Paradise

You know Life Is Good when you get to be with friends and can take a Nature Trek in Vanuatu Paradise, all while you are working is the best part.

Welcome to all my friends and readers, we went on an aerial view of Vanuatu last post and this time I want to share the feeling of being enclosed in Natures arms as the universe intended. It all began with a pretty hairy taxi ride from the resort, and when asked by the driver where did we want to go , our smart reply was show us some good spots. Well friends at first I thought we were not going to go all that far as the taxi was an old beat up 4 door corolla with the hood lining hanging down and some door handles missing. Then we also found out they have no road rules or licence's there.

The Locals Village
Still not really knowing where we were headed , the driver turned onto a dirt road and went into a sort of small community where there were many hut type structures with interwoven palm leaves as a roof. Even here with the primitive type housing we were in lovely peaceful surroundings and green foliage every where at the foothills of the island. We spent perhaps 15 minutes here site seeing and taking photo's before moving on, it was a great comparison of Lifestyle .

Natures Memories
The taxi driver soon had us at a place that I will remember for the rest of my life, it was called Cascades Waterfall and just like the sign said , it was more than a tour it was a lifetime experience. This was to be our Nature Trek in Vanuatu Paradise and it was worth every cent we paid the taxi and the gate attendant. We set off on our own wandering through the jungle so to speak along a beautiful stream that eventually led us to the magnificent water falls about 2km in.

All in A Days Work
These series of cascading waterfalls consisting of about 30 in total with crystal clear water ponds at the bottom of each fall , eventually led us up through the jungle and to the main waterfall at the top. The ladies waited and took photographs of the beautiful settings and surrounding wild flowers, while Myself and Scotty my work mate just had to climb the waterfall and swim in the several ponds on the way. You know all those late nights ,lessons,and workshop seminars on internet marketing were all worth it, when you can sit in the middle of a magical waterfall and wave to your wife below , as you are working and swimming in Vanuatu.."must pinch myself."

Dreams Do Come True
Not only have I wanted to share this adventure in Vanuatu and have you consider some fabulous journies like this , I want you all to understand that only two years ago I was a full time plumber . This involved long working manual hours and at times 70 hrs a week. I then decided to start learning the skills needed to do internet marketing and a good friend gave me the gift of a lifetime as it has turned out, a book called "Year Of The Affiliate" got me to a point where I realized that it was possible for an old plumber to replace his income.

I had to work also on personal development and commit to the learning with an open mind, this was not all that easy when all your mates were camping or fishing for the weekend while you were at an internet workshop for 2 days which you had to pay for.
Well I am not trying to impress you or boast in any way,........ did you know I have traveled to more places in the last 10 months than I have in my life and in 2 more weeks my wife Sandra & I will be in London. Yes we have to go there for some more work related matters and it looks like we will be stuck there for around 2 weeks..!

Take care as you travel your journey in life and I want to hear any of your thoughts on your experiences , so please leave a comment or contact me with any questions or queries you feel I can help you with. I do hope my Nature Trek in Vanuatu Paradise has helped give you an insight as to what is available to us all, should we want to take the ride.
Learning to communicate success and also teach others is now a life Goal of mine.

Hey.....Life Is Good........

Allen Sentance


Glynis said...

It is good to see your life coming together away from the rat race :) Enjoy London.

Vince Buckner said...

I enjoyed all the photographs. I'm glad your life is not tied up in the rat race.