Monday, June 8, 2009

Lifestyle Benefits from Learning Social Media

Social Media is Powerful and Opens Doors

I am a hard working family man who only 18 months ago was mentally accepting to get ready for retirement, a government pension and finally death. Hey that was 18 months ago before I discovered, The Lifestyle Benefits from Learning Social Media. Today is now the best day in my life as I have now been exposed to many small changes which have created amazing results. Now I am looking at early retirement without a government pension and my life is getting better every day in every way, because of me changing how I thought and learning how to implement small changes consistently.

To see more beautiful sunsets in my back yard Darwin
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Learning Social Media
I have managed to meet and mix with some outstanding human beings as I have been learning my new profession of internet marketing , and I still am learning. You need to be proficient and understand the power of Social Media to be successful in internet marketing, it is just that powerful and plays the part of success or failure in the industry. Like any thing you need to be taught the techniques, and how to use it effectively , then implement the strategies. I will be for ever grateful to my coach and mentor Sean Rassmussen , who has introduced me to the tools I require and has then taught me how to use those tools. The Lifestyle Benefits from Learning Social Media for Sandra and I are just beginning , for life has taken on a whole new meaning as a result .

Off On Another Working Trip
Sandra had been preparing and organizing a whole week in preparation for our last Social Media working trip that took us over 2 weeks to the following places. We flew to London with a short stopover in Dubai , then after networking with friends in London, we attended another internet seminar and workshop that Sean Rasmussen helped organise & fellow internet marketers were teaching at for two days. From there our internet friend in England Stuart Ginbey looked after us and showed us around for a couple of days , then we caught a plane across the English Channel to the Netherlands to stay with friends Margureit & Hanz. Two years ago this would have been a pie in the sky dream & please...... we are in no way trying to impress you, as you can do this also if you choose to.

Some Of My Social Media Networking Friends

No - Negativity What So Ever
For forty years I went to work day in and day out and I can never remember my workmates ever getting around with smiles on their faces like these guy's have in the photo. You see all of my friends and associates these days are positive, like minded and enjoying life to the maximum, simply because they chose to make a difference in their life and then commit to what was required to make it happen. Well all my good friends online who are following my journey these days, stay safe until I report our latest adventure to you and I hope you now have an idea of the Lifestyle Benefits from Learning Social Media.

Hey.....Life Is Good......

Allen Sentance


angesbiz said...

It sure does sound like an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle you have created for yourself Fisherman!

How fantastic is it that you get to travel and work where you want to? I can hear the excitement in your post of how happy you are, loving what you do.

You're an inspiration, always!!

Love you heaps and keep living the the life you choose to because you can :) xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunset. Yeah, life is good and we must live it to the fullest! Nice post :)

richardcolum said...

Great to read and take in your experience this is truly want i want to do with my life and most important for wife and children,

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