Monday, November 10, 2008

A Fine Young Man On A Mission

Today I would with great pleasure like to introduce the world to an outstanding young man I was fortunate enough to become aquainted with via the internet some 4 months ago. Over this period we have become close friends through various emails and chats on a regular basis through Facebook. At first I must admit with the fraudulant dealings on the internet these days, I was a little concerned with the authenticity of what he was claiming he stood for and so I did as much checking as I needed to.
He came through in my eyes and others as well, with flying colours & I am proud to appologise for doubting him at the time. I also have followed up on some of his recent missions and engagements , where he is currently dedicating himself to a cause that most folks would not attempt & infact too many people tend to ignore.

Over my next few posts I want to dedicate them all to this wonderful young man & let the world know what he is attempting, as I personally am supporting & endorsing him without hesitation. Well my friends this young chap I believe is 29 yrs old, happily married with a one year old beautiful daughter and is well educated in a section of the medical feild I am yet to find out. One of my goals is to asap. meet this young man personally.
No more suspence friends the man I can not speak more highly of , is also a very humble person Jared Akama Ondieki . He lives in Nairobi - Kenya & is the Executive Director of CEPACE TRUST, ( The Centre For Partnership And Civic Engagement Trust)
This organisation is dedicated to the improvement and advancement of democracy, , Peace and human rights issues so as to alleviate all forms of suffering and the promotion of justice, peace and democracy.
The trust aims at developing stragic alliances and partnerships , while fostering comunity engagements through partnering with comunity based organisations, or any other relavent organisations. To not only identify needy areas of assistance , but also pool adequate resourses for the implementation of various programs.

CEPACET is a not for profit , non partisan institution run by a board of Trustee and management, which oversees the day to day activities of the Trust.
It is a fully accountable entity whose activities will always be audited, so as to ensure that all funds and properties serve the objectives of the organisations.

Jared is very heavily involved in making this whole project a success and is off to a great start with some of the projects, which I will outline over the next couple of posts. Meanwhile you are welcome to listen to Jared being interviewed on, blogtalkradio & you should find the widget for this audio interview on the side of my blog. In case it does not work for you here is the web address for the same interview. And I will see you all here next week with more. is good........ Come Join Us Here

Allen Sentance
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