Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Miss My Mom's Unconditional Love

I have just returned home from visiting my dad & catching up with my family and 2 lovely little grandaughters in N.S.W. where I grew up & did my schooling.

Memories Flooded Back
When I visited my dad who still lives in the old fibro 3 bedroom housing commission home , where my 4 sisters & younger brother all grew up . I was the eldest of the 6 children and had a bond with my mother that was like no other & both mom & I were born on the very same date, being the 30th january and it was also her 18th birthday.
Mom passed away 3 yrs ago now and I think I miss her more each day , as she was the foundation I built my life on , she taught me all the principles in life I live by today and am so proud of what I stand for.

Her name was Dawn May & she used to go without many things , including food at times just so the 6 of us never did without , our family never had much money yet both mom & dad loved us kids unconditionally. I could continue this story of my wonderful mother and her lessons of life and turn it into a book which I hope to eventually. Just for now I am going to share something my mom gave to me about 1 yr. before her death which I only found the other day while unpacking from storage some letters and books, perhaps this will help you understand my mom Dawn & why the memories came flooding back.

It Is All Up To You Son , To Make Your Dreams Come True
If you believe in your dreams, and work hard and long towards making them part of your reality, then more than likely you'll acheive whatever dreams you want to come true.
When you believe in something and focus your time and talents towards fulfilling that belief, then as time passes, you will be continually travelling in the right direction. If you have a positive attitude about your life, you have almost everything that you'll ever need.

Hope, faith and believing in good things will lead you on the right path to happiness and success. Challenges will come into your life, but the way that you perceive them will determine how positive or negative they will be in relationship to your life .
If you accept a certain amount of dissapointment, and strive to replace it with optimism and hope, then it will be a strengthening element in your life.

The simple keys to life are those, that you yourself must turn. They are the ones that tell you to expect happiness as well as change, and to make the most out of every day. Be ready to make your dreams come true, because son it is all up to you. -Dena Dilaconi is good...... and my mom made sure of that. I LOVE & MISS YOU MOM

Allen Sentance
Your Dream can start Here

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TrudyVan said...

Hi there Fisherman, TrudyVan here,
Yes I too miss my Mentor, My trainer, my shoulder to cry on, My inspiration, My Mother!

You post really moved me in a good way. I remembered all that my mother was. Thank You
kindest regards