Monday, September 15, 2008

NATURE AND ME ......are good mates

Well today is sunday, not a lot on so I decided to turn totally off from the world leave the fishing gear at home and go on a 6km bush walk along the Adelaide river. This is a beautiful little river & I am fortunate enough to have it within walking distance of my home in the N.T. The wild life and birds you see and hear along this river, are just beautiful & if you take your time to observe nature in its glory you actually enter another world that the average person never takes the time to experience .......their too caught up in the routine of life (rat race) rushing too and fro.

To me nature is my mate, all my life even as a child outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking became my way of being at peace with myself & the world, many of my challenges in life have been sorted out while on my own sitting in secluded bush settings usually with a river or strem running nearby, I truly believe that the universe has unbelievable power that you can draw from through being in touch with nature. So yes today was quite a special day..........because me and my life long companion , NATURE spent some time together.

How long since you really stopped took a look around you and appreciated the true things in a bird singing
a baby sleeping
turned off the tv and kicked ball with the kids

Take the time to enjoy what you have and what is around you, before time itself takes you & wether you like to accept it or not ........time gets us all in the end. is good.......

Allen Sentance


TrudyVan said...

Your Post is fantastic Fisherman. I feel the same way about nature.
Kindest Regards

angesbiz said...

that's a very good point you make at the end of your post Allen so it does make sense to enjoy what we have day to day... beautiful post and very inspiring!
Hugs, Ange


Thankyou Trudy & Ange for your comments, both of you have played a part in me reaching this point on the internet & I love you both.