Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

About 12 months ago I was introduced to a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki , the information it contained quite frankly was hard for me to believe at first. You see I was taught to get a good education, then get a good job & work hard so I could have anything I needed and would live a good life.

I managed to acheive all of those with a lot of commitment as I am a very proud person, & was never affraid of hard work, the information in this book basicly says that do all these things is a good start , and thats all it is a start. Robert explains that to become financially successful in the 21st century you need to abort the industrial age of thinking & adopt and learn the information age strategies.

That realy got me thinking, because although I had a good education, job, business & worked bloody hard for 35 years, being honest with myself I was not much further ahead than when I started. So that made me inquisitive enough to get more books & information to verify these claims.

In my next few posts over the next week or so I want to share my findings with you all as they have been truly life changing, and you need to see them for yourself. is good....... join me here

Allen Sentance


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