Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

Well let's carry on from where we were last post, by this stage I had established that what I had been doing for the past 35 years, although it was giving me a comfortable life while ever I kept working it was not going to furnish my retirement needs. I would have to leave the industrial mentality and accept & learn the 21st century information age if I wanted to acheive any kind of security .

You see I had fallen behind in the modern world and needed to catch up to it as soon as possible, I decided to change and knew that if I would commit to what was needed that I could maybe manage to grab the 21stcentury by the tail & hang on. Although this was going to be difficult at 57 yrs old I have always managed to enjoy taking on new challenges, and this no doubt was going to be quite a challenge. I knew though that this could be learnt and it was possible and thats all I needed to know, the rest was up to me.

It hurts a little to know that if only I had been taught this at school, I would not have wasted 30 years of my life doing what I thought was the wright thing, when all I was really doing was feeding my family & making someone else wealthy. Anyhow thats in the past and I have no hope of changing that, so I now need to focus on what I can change which is my future. At that stage of my life I was considered as computer illiterate and could not even text message on a phone, so first step was to get myself a computer and start.

Then I went to Harvey Norman & said I need a computer starts to get a bit funny from here so I will leave it for the next post. Please join me back here, leave a comment if any of this saga sounds familiar. is good..... come join me

Allen Sentance

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Anthony said...

Hi Allen. thank for add as freind. You got some nice picks there. and its good to see other people being honest about technology as I only turned a pc on 5 years ago. was always ignorant or afraid. But now its on every day, absolutely ove it and the freinds I ve made world-wide is unbeleiveable.I will be 50 in 5 years and am working towards atraveling and visiting a lot of those freinds all over the world. I am on skype most evenings as i make contact with usa , canada, england regulary so if you have stop by for a chat sometime. the barra looks good in pic. did it taste good haha. ok see ya soon . Kiwi.
PS check your ( CLICK ----come join me link---- as I think its broken. ok ciao)