Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ALLEN SENTANCE .....loves his fishing

Whenever I get a spare moment & can sneak away from the everyday grind I will grab a rod, half a dozen of my favorite lures and I'm gone. I catch plenty of fish regularly & this is only
part of my reason for my love of fishing, just to be outdoors in nature where it is so peaceful means more to me than the actual catching of fish. The freedom & lifestyle that fishing presents for me has alway's kept me going back whether I catch fish or not.

Only a true fisherman knows what I am talking about , when I was young I would actually wagg from school to go fishing, unfortunately Mum got to know my spots but she was great & never made too big a deal of it other than to say , get your butt into gear & get back to school.
My mum was a great fishing buddy & came with me regularly over the years, she has since past away at age 72 & when I am fishing now memories flood back of the days we would go camping and fishing on the river. Keep an eye on my blog & let me know of some of your fond fishing memories,or leave a comment until my next post which will be soon .....tight lines.

hey......life is good......
Allen Sentance

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