Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hello all, can you please bare with me for a while as I am having some minor problems setting up this my first blog.
Please ignore some of this first section as I AM persevering & running some test blogs then we can hit the road & let you know all about Allen Sentance.
I am not going to delete any of this my first work, as I want to look back on this post in years to come and get a giggle ,just as you guy's probably are right now .
Some might even say, one small step for mankind and I would say one HUGE step for Allen Sentance, sorry folks but I am so proud of myself at the moment & it sounds stupid,but will alway's remember my very first blog post as I entered the world of the Internet.
Iwould appreciate any comments from others who can remember their first post and any associated stories they can remember also it will give me a boost to know to know others actually read my very first blog post.
hey..........life is good........

Allen Sentance

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Ian said...

Hi Allen, You have ever right to be proud of you journey on the Internet.This is the first step of many as you into the world of success. Mate the only people who are giggling are the one who haven't done a blog. Fantastic effort a job Well done. We look forward to reading some your blogs in the future. Ian Reeves

angesbiz said...

Hi Allen and a very big welcome to the world of blogging!!

WooHoo.... you made it and I am so proud of you too. Over the last year you have certainly come a very long way from knowing only how to turn your computer on let alone type emails to some social networking sites and now to a BLOG!! Well done and I will be following along.

Congrats Allen... HUGS

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan No giggles but lots of loud applause. I know the struggles of blogging very well. My biggest hurdle to date is knowing what to write about ME. So I guess it is great that while I am learning all this new whiz bang Web 2.0 I am also getting to know me a bit better. Love you Jenny