Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

Welcome back to how the FISHERMAN started his 21st century education , and thank you for your interest in a 57 yr old grandfather of 10. So this will show you all the power of Google ads when used & placed properly , by being placed next to where I was looking (real estate ) I managed to get inquisitive enough to click on one that said fill out your name & email and we will forward you our FREE!! DVD.
The keyword was FREE , as you know we all respond to something for free & not only that they said it was valued at $97 and I could also download an e-book for FREE as well, man what a bargain I had to get this even if I didn't need it & yes you know exactly what I am talking about don't you??........... Anyhow moving on , about a week later the video turned up and I had actually forgotten all about it and had to think for a while what it was & who had sent this.

This DVD was by Jamie McIntyre & the ebook was called What I Didn't Learn AT School But Wish I Had . That night I sat down to watch my new dvd to see what these guy's were spruking al about , you see I was very very sceptical as like alot of others I had tried various things over the years & was thinking this was just another one . Thank god I was still open minded enough to at least watch it and give Jamie McIntyre a fair hearing, I finished watching it and then replayed it imediately .

What I had just seen made so much sence I could not believe that a man could work all his life to try & get ahead, while all the time this kind of education was out there & not being offered to me. Like what Jamie says in his e-book What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had it still rings in my head today and I feel now it is a crime that the Education system fails to incorporate this into schools.

Now friends lets leave it at that for today as with the next post I want to give an outline of some of the things Jamie points out and teaches , for these are the things that have changed my life and have me on one heck of a journey. Please leave me a comment as it helps me to know who else is still working & making some one else wealthy. is good........... come join me
Allen Sentance

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Von said...

Good that you are happy. Will read your blog when I can. Lovely to be in touch.