Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

One of the main things that Jamie consistently emphasised was mindset and at first I had trouble grasping , what he meant exactly by mindset. He goes on to explain that the main reason people aren't wealthy in todays economy is a direct connection to their mindset & the way they perceive things. Let me explain as best I can to what he means by all this, he says that that the 80/20 rule applies and that 80% is mindset while the other 20% is strategy.
Most people want to be financially free and what holds them back is they put their emphasis on th 20% of the wealth equation then neglect the 80% ,which is the mindset. In other words they are saying show me the money don't worry about this mindset stuff, I've heard it all before comon show me the money. You need to change your perception of the way things are , a good example to explain this is.........every decision you have made in the past has gotten you to where you are today !! OK so if you are not happy where you are financially or otherwise today , then it is obvious you need to make changes to the way you perceive things and make your decisions, it is that black & white.

The definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over & over again the same old way, then expecting adifferent result.

I do speak with authority on this now as I was one who at first said , look just show me the money, also at 57 yrs old I also came to the realisation that if hard work made you rich then I should be a millionaire retired. As I was still working 60 hrs a week at 57yrs old something was horribly wrong.
Yes guy's are you grasping what mindset is about now, so the penny dropped for me I had to develop a different way of thinking to get a different result. Now this was going to involve personal development and an alteration to the way I perceived things. I hope I am not losing anyone with this mindset stuff as it is the key and in my next post I would like to take you a little further down this track and explain some of the results I am getting.

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Allen Sentance

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kiwigal said...

I agree wholeheartedly. A terrific mindset can free one of many constraints. What a great blog!