Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meet My Best Mate

To day is a special day for me and all of you , for today I want to dedicate this post to my best mate and wife of 36 yrs and introduce her to you all . I am sure you have heard the saying that behind every man there is a successfull woman , well her name is Sandra ( nanny ) as the grandkids & her friends call her.
I could write an encyclopedia about how wonderful she is and still not manage to explain how much of a difference she has made to peoples lives over the 36 years I have been with her. She gave life to our 4 children and now continues to fuss over them and they are all grown with their own families. Our 10 grandchildren absolutely adore Nanny and their smiles when they see her would often put a lump in my throat .
These days are the great days , as we now are the greatest of mates and I am not here to say we never had any challenges in the past, infact some of the drama's we were put through over the years would have destroyed others & I would rather not go there , other than to say Sandra was always there to support whoever needed it .
We have been married 36 yrs and we were remarried after 20yrs when we re-did our vowes with a complete wedding service , ceremony & another certificate. We often joke to friends that we have both been married twice , then tell them it was to the same person.
I mentioned in my last post that she is the person who keeps me from wandering off track, and I am more than gratefull for her guidance and support over the years as I was quite a wild young man up until I was tamed at the age of around 28 . For it was around that time that her never ending love for me showed me that I was one of the luckiest men alive and it was then that I began to truly fall deeply in love with my sweetheart . Sandra is not only my wife & best mate , she is my soul mate and life.
Thank you so much Sandra for just being Sandra ( Nanny ) & I love you dearly. you all know Sandra & why life is so good........... Come Join Us

Allen Sentance
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Debra Wade said...

Wow that is love and dedication for u. I remember when u got remarried that was a wonderful day and was something i have never forgot as there are not enough people in the world that share your love and dedication for each other.
What an inspiration.
Debra :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww Allen how beautiful. You romantic