Friday, October 17, 2008

My MINDSET Matters

What a difference your thoughts can make to your life was one of the first things I discovered as I progressed with my 21st century education . Now I look back over the last 6 months & realise where I have come amazes me especially knowing that all I did to start was chamge the way I thought about things .

When you hear that word MINDSET all it is saying is that your thoughts create what you constantly think about or focus on. I used to focus on what most people do , not having enough money, what if I lose my job , I can't afford it, no one ever helps me , the government is overtaxing us & thats what I kept getting , because it was all I kept thinking about and focusing on .

Now can you see why in excess of 90% of people are struggling in life , it is the way 90% of the population thinks , they are caught up in this doom & gloom perception of the world. All they have to do is re-focus and change their perceptions of what is and in a short time their lifes situation begins to change. I had heard all this preached to me on many occasions at seminars and from other successfull people and thought to myself that it was all bull s***t , then after bashing my head on brick walls in search of a better way for years I started to listen .
I still have a long way to go to acheive my lifes ambitions & goals , the things I have strived for for years are now in view and I know it is only time now for them to come to fruition.
All I did differently was to change my thinking work on my personal development , then focus on what I want to acheive in life & I have goal posters & vision boards all over my house now even in the dunny.
You need to decide now if what I am saying about the power of your MINDSET is really bull s**t or not , Trust me I am now a converted true believer. The things that have been set up and the opportunities that have come our way in the past 6 months are all in line with what my goals are , also one thing I have on my vision board directly above my computer has already come true .
Another thing that I now understand is the power of the universe and how it all works , & I am now more at peace with myself than I have ever been and where I saw life as a constant struggle in the past I now look forward to every day with the passion of helping others discover the same path.
Well guy's I will introduce you to my best mate & Wife of 36 yrs in my next post, so you can see who keeps me on the straight and narrow when I wander. Her name is Sandra and she is just Beautiful . Please leave me a comment and I will catch you all next post. is good.............. Come Join Me

Allen Sentance

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