Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting a 21st century education

This is where we pickup on the Fisherman going shopping for a computer to turn his life around. Well Harvey Norman it was & I had no Idea of what I needed , so when the guy in the shop said can I help you sir I came straight back with , yes I want a computer mate. He said fine we have a large range here what exactly were you wanting to do with it ? well mate I want to be able to surf the internet & find cashflow properties to make me wealthy and then I can retire. Hmmmm! this guy said and how much do you want to pay ? as little as possible, I replied & how much are they anyhow?

I won't drag this hillarious story out , as it went on for quite a while I just wanted to point out to you all my elabourite knowlege of computers. Any how I ended up parting with $1,180-00 (rip off) and taking my nice new Acer lap top computer home.

Thank god for my darling wifes knowlege of computers, I almost drove her mad trying to learn how to use this thing. She perservered god love her & managed after about 2 days to get me logging onto the net , which made me happy. now all I had to do was find real estate which would give me cashflow positive properties to rent, just like Robert Kiyosaki taught in his book. Boy was I in for a shock, after about 3 days & nights on the computer gatting blurry eyed and looking at 36,365,872,487,005 real estate listings. I finally decided this was not for me & Real Estate was not as easy as they made out.

Little did I know those 3 days on the computer, totally frustrated and a little agitated grrrrur!! was about to change the whole course of my life and for this I will be forever gratefull. Can you half guess what I did while I was surfing the net?? thats write I became inquisitive as to what all these little white ads were that kept saying become wealthy, retire young, get rich over night , financial freedom, you know all about Google ads & I never.

Well folks drop in on my next post and I want to share this further with you all, and meantime take care leave some comments & will see you soon. is good..... come join me

Allen Sentance


Anonymous said...

We at Center For partnership And Civic Engagement Trust in Kenya continue to be inspired and humbled by Allen Sentence.

I always wonder where he gets all the energies he has despite his age,it's then that I realize that those people who serve others diligently,their energies are always renewed,no wonder this great man has all the energies.

Allen,you are a blessing and a wonderful man I have ever meet,Let God give you the powers to be equal to the task and a blessing to all who will get to know you.

You Inspire me Fisherman!


Jared Akama Ondieki
Center For Partnership And Civic Engagement Trust.

Simon Peirce said...

G'day Fisherman,

Loving the story so far and can't wait to read on. Something that made me smile was the fact that you got your computer from Harvey Norman. I used to work at the local Harvey Norman store here in Bunbury and that is how I met Sean.

Take care my friend, lokoing forward to reading part 2.

- Simon

nudgeme said...

Hi Allen

Thanks for sending me your blog link, I've left you a wall post. I've just read through some of your posts and what a great story you have - and more lovely photos. I really look forward to reading more.

All the best